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Volume-7 Issue-2: Published on May 05, 2017
Volume-7 Issue-2: Published on May 05, 2017

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Volume-7 Issue-2, May 2017, ISSN:  2231-2307 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication Pvt. Ltd. 

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Priyanka B Karande, Rupali S Kumbhar, Priydarshanee A Pawale, Ajinkya. C. Bapat

Paper Title:

Identifying Efficient Frequency Standards of Wireless Network

Abstract:  For encouraging wireless network contineous improvement is important. this is done by comparing related protocol and resulting the efficient protocol. This paper shows the overview of IEEE 802.15.4 (x-bee), 802.11(wifi), 802.16 (wimax) and carefully observed the comparision between them on the basis of Throughput, PDR, Delay and energy through simulation on NS2s. On the basis of observed results, this paper proved the Efficient Standards among xbee wifi & wimax.

Throughput ,End to end delay,Power consumption,Packet delivery ratio, NS2


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