Volume-1 Issue-2, May 2011

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Volume-1 Issue-2, May 2011, ISSN: 2231-2307 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

Evaluation of Object Based Video Retrieval Using SIFT
Shradha Gupta1, Neetesh Gupta2, Shiv Kumar3

Image Steganography tool using Adaptive Encoding Approach to maximize Image hiding capacity
Manoj Kumar Meena1, Shiv Kumar2, Neetesh Gupta3

Efficient String Sorting Algorithms: Cache-aware and Cache-Oblivious
R. Angrish1, D. Garg2

Parametric Estimation of Software Systems
Kavita Choudhary

Multistage VQ Based GMM For Text Independent Speaker identification System
Piyush Lotia1, M.R. Khan2

To Reduce the False Alarm in Intrusion Detection System using self Organizing Map
Ritu Ranjani Singh1, Neetesh Gupta2, Shiv Kumar3

A Proposed Method for Image Retrieval using Histogram values and Texture Descriptor Analysis
Wasim Khan1, Shiv Kumar. Neetesh Gupta2, Nilofar Khan3

A Modified Method to Segment Sharp and Unsharp Edged Brain Tumors in 2 D MRI Using Automatic Seeded Region Growing Method
Mukesh Kumar1, Kamal Mehta2

Application of Neural Network in Prediction of Financial Viability
Roli Pradhan1, K.K. Pathak2, V.P. Singh3

An Open Source Framework for PRTF Protocol
Ashok Bhansali1, H.R. Sharma2

Design and Profile Optimization for Dispersion Shifted Fiber (DSF)
A.M. Agarkar1, D.R. Dhabale2

Analysis of Digitally Modulated Signals using Instantaneous and Stochastic Features, for Classification
Jaspal Bagga1, Neeta Tripathi2

A Survey of Efficient Algorithms and New Approach for Fast Discovery of Frequent Itemset for Association Rule Mining (DFIARM)
Anurag Choubey1, Ravindra Patel2, J.L. Rana3

Outlier Detection Using Support Vector Machine in Wireless Sensor Network Real Time Data
M. Syed Mohamed1, T. Kavitha2