Volume-4 Issue-3, July 2014

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Volume-4 Issue-3, July 2014, ISSN: 2231-2307 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

Matrix Representation of Groups In the Finite Fields GF(pn)
Ahmad Hamza Al Cheikha

Dual Image Steganography for Communicating High Security Information
Ketki Thakre1, Nehal Chitaliya2

Underwater Video Processing for Detecting and Tracking Moving Object
Srividya M. S.1, Hemavathy R.2, Shobha G.3

Real Time Visual Recognition of Indian Sign Language using Wavelet Transform and Principle Component Analysis
Dipali Rojasara1, Nehal Chitaliya2

A Novel Approach for Content based Mri Brain Image Retrieval
Amit Kumar Rohit1, N. G. Chitaliya2

Reliability and Cost-Benefit Analysis of a Power Plant Comprising two Gas and one Steam Turbines with Scheduled Inspection
Dalip Singh1, Gulshan Taneja2

Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm for Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks
P. Saraswathi1, M. Prabha2

A Study of the Factors Considered when Choosing an Appropriate Data Mining Algorithm
Teressa T. Chikohora

Secure Digital Image Steganography
Tamanna Jagga1, Jyoti Mann2

Performance Analysis and Designing of Technique for Enhancement of Fingerprints based on the Estimated Local Ridge Orientation and Frequency
Virender Kadyan1, Ritu Aggarwal2

Flower Pollination Optimization Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network Lifetime Global Optimization
Marwa Sharawi1, E. Emary2, Imane Aly Saroit3, Hesham El-Mahdy4 

Design of Shunt Active Filters based on Phase Locked Loop and PI Controller
R. Balaji1, B.Mohamed Faizal2

Soft Computing Models for the Predictive Grading of Childhood Autism- A Comparative Study
Anju Pratap1, C. S. Kanimozhiselvi2, R. Vijayakumar3, K. V. Pramod4

Consistency Test in ANP Method with Group Judgment Under Intuitionistic Fuzzy Environment
ALe Ngoc Son

Congestion Management by Optimal Choice and Allocation of FACTS Controllers using Genetic Algorithm
D. Venugopal1, A. Jayalaxmi2

QoS Aware Web Service Selection and Ranking Framework Based on Ontology
Pradnya A. Khutade1, Rashmi Phalnikar2

Bots Problem in Online Games
Dewanshu Jain1, Alok Gupta2

Design and Analysis of Semi-Empirical Model Parameters for Short-Channel CMOS Devices
Magnanil Goswami1, Sudakshina Kundu2

Securing user Authentication Through Customized X.509 in Cloud Computing
Imran Ijaz1, Muhammad Hasan Islam2, Maria Kanwal3, Tahreem Yaqoob4

Performance Evaluation of Multiple Input Multiple Output Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (Mimo-Ofdm) for Alamouti Space Time Block Code using Various Digital Modulation Techniques
Ijlal Hyder Rafiqi1, Javed Ashraf2, Mehboob ul Amin3, M.T Beg4, G.Mohiudin Bhat5

New Approaches for Multiclass Classification
Shankhpal S.V.1, Dhawas N.A2

Dealing with Uncertainty in Expert Systems
Sonal Dubey1, R. K. Pandey2, S. S. Gautam3

An Intrusion Detection System Based on KDD-99 Data using Data Mining Techniques and Feature Selection
Pratibha Soni1, Prabhakar Sharma2

A Reliable Arrhythmias-Recognition Scheme Via Wavelet and Multiclass Support Vector Machine
Magdi B. M. Amien1, Tamadur El-Khansa Japir2