Volume-1 Issue-4, September 2011

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Volume-1 Issue-4, September 2011, ISSN: 2231-2307 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

A knowledge-based database on municipal waste in road construction applications
Pramada Valli1, Sudhir Mathur2

Performance Analysis of Soft Decision Trees Models for Fuzzy Based Classification of Epilepsy Risk Levels from EEG Signals
R. HariKumar1, T.Vijaya Kumar2

Spatial Application of city using Oracle Spatial Database, MapViewer, and Map Builder
Dipti Sharma1, Parteek Bhatia2

An Optimal Binarization Algorithm Based on Particle Swarm Optimization
P.Subashini1, N.Sridevi2

A Comparison of Half Bridge & Full Bridge Isolated DC-DC Converters for Electrolysis Application
R. Samuel Rajesh Babu1, Joseph Henry2

Design and Implementation of Web Based Remote Supervisory Control and Information System
R. Kirubashankar1, K. Krishnamurthy2, J. Indra3, B.Vignesh4

ACO Based Method for Service Restoration in Distribution System Using Fuzzy M.O.M.C Approach
Rajneesh Karn1, Yogendra Kumar2, Gayatri Agnihotri3

Audio Signal Enhancement Using Non-diagonal Estimator

Composite Effect of Ben Daniel Duke Boundary Condition and Material Composition on Eigenenergy of Multiple Quantum Well Structure
Arpan Deyasi1, Swapan Bhattacharyya2

Optimum segment length for embedding in the LSB of JPEG images with Minimum MSE
Hamdy A. Morsy1, Zaki B. Nossair2, Alaa M. Hamdy3, Fathy Z. Amer4

Design of an Ultra Low Power Low Phase Noise CMOS LC Oscillator
Mahdi Ebrahimzadeh

Performance Evaluation of Noisy Nonlinear QAM and QPSK Systems in the Presence of the Signal Predistortion Linearizer
Pedram Hajipour1, Ali Forotanpour2, Leila Mohammadi3

Measurements and Comparative of Resource Management in Satellite Systems
Pedram Hajipour1, Leila Mohammadi2

OFDM based PHY Performance of IEEE 802.11a Using Various practical channel models
Narendra Giradkar1, G.M.Asutkar2, Abhijit Maidamwar3

An Enhanced Authentication Mechanism for IEEE 802.16(e) Mobile Wimax
Deepak Kumar Mehto1, Rajesh Srivastava2

Prevention of Security Threats in IEEE 802.16 Standards
Rajesh Srivastava1, Deepak Kumar Mehto2

Development of Electrical Power System Reliability Based on System Parameters and Fuzzy Control
R.N. Yadav1, G.P. Chhalotra2, R.K. Tiwari3, Rajesh Khattri4

A View Mathematical Analysis of Reliability of Power System Considering RLS Parameters in Fuzzy Logic Space
R.N. Yadav1, G.P. Chhalotra2, R.K. Tiwari3, Rajesh Khattri4

Group Delay Variations in Wideband Transmission Lines: Analysis and Improvement
A.R. Eskandari1, L. Mohammadi2

Wavelet Application in Fingerprint Recognition
Rakesh Verma1, Anuj Goel2

An Enhanced Secured Dynamic Source Routing Protocol for MANETS
G.Lavanya1, A. Ebenezer Jeyakumar2

Sets Sequential Emission By Transmitting Streams
SarathChand P.V.1, VenuMadhav K.2, Arya Bhanu M.3, Nagamani K.4, Balaram A.5

Cell Phone Accident Avoidance System While Driving
H. Abdul Shabeer1, R.S.D.Wahidabanu2

Performance Analysis of Various Window Sizes for Colorization of Grayscale Images using LBG and KFCG Vector Quantization Codebooks in RGB and Kekre’s LUV Color Spaces
H. B. Kekre1, Tanuja Sarode2, Sudeep D. Thepade3, Supriya Kamoji4

Region Based Contrast Limited Adaptive HE with Additive Gradient for Contrast Enhancement of Medical Images (MRI)
Sonia Goyal1, Seema2

Design and Implementation of Context Program Compiler for developing Context Aware Applications in Pervasive Computing Environment
Thyagaraju.GS1, Umakanth P.Kulkarni2

Comparison of text-dependent method for Gender Identification
Sumit Kumar Banchhor1, S.K.Dekate2

Image Retrieval using Fractional Energy of Row Mean of Column Transformed Image with Six Orthogonal Image Transforms.
H. B. Kekre1, Sudeep D. Thepade2, Archana A. Athawale3, Paulami Shah4

Edge Detection Method for Image Segmentation – A Survey of Soft Computing Approaches
Anubhuti Khare1, Manish Saxena2, Shweta Tiwari3

Off-Grid System Development for House Car Pouch Lighting
S. S. S. Ranjit1, S. A. Anas2, C. F. Tan3

Analysis of Fuzzy PID and Immune PID Controller for Three Tank Liquid Level Control
Sharad Kumar Tiwari1, Gagandeep Kaur2

Comparative study of Techniques used for Detection of Selfish Nodes in Mobile Ad hoc Networks
Dipali Koshti1, Supriya Kamoji2

Evaluation of ECG Signals for Mental Stress Assessment using Fuzzy Technique
G. Ranganathan1, R. Rangarajan2, V. Bindhu3

Quality Improvement in Turning Process using Taguchi's Loss Function
L. Savadamuthu1, S. Muthu2, P. Vivekanandan3

FPGA Synthesis of Soft Decision Tree (SDT) for Classification of Epilepsy Risk Levels from Fuzzy Based Classifier Using EEG Signals
R. Hari Kumar1, M. Balasubramani2

A Framework for Performing Mutation Analysis and Deviants
Manoj Kumar1, Mohammad Hussain2

Noise Dose Emitted from Different Electrical Machines Compared
Tirtharaj Sen1, Pijush Kanti Bhattacharjee2, Debamalya Banerjee3, Bijan Sarkar4

Power proficient Application Specific Communication Infrastructure for Advance SoC
Naveen Choudhary1, M. S. Gaur2, V. Laxmi3

Performance Evaluation of Genetic Based Dynamic Clustering Algorithm over LEACH Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
D.Srinivasa Rao1, B.J.M. Ravi Kumar2

A Novel Dynamically Optimized Embedded Video Burst Scheduler to Enhance the System QoS
B. Bag1, A. K. Jana2, M. K. Pandit3

Designing & Implementation of Digital Filter for removal of Power Supply Noise
Manish Kansal1, Vijay Kumar2, Dinesh Arora3, Hardeep Singh Saini4

A Study on Different Image Retrieval Techniques in Image Processing
Gulfishan Firdose Ahmed1, Raju Barskar2