Volume-3 Issue-4, September 2013

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Volume-3 Issue-4, September 2013, ISSN: 2231-2307 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

K-Means Clustering Approach to Analyze NSL-KDD Intrusion Detection Dataset
Vipin Kumar1, Himadri Chauhan2, Dheeraj Panwar3

Improved Skew Detection and Correction Approach Using Discrete Fourier Algorithm
Ruby Singh1, Ramandeep Kaur2

Hybrid Approach for Credit Card Fraud Detection
Krishna Kumar Tripathi1, Lata Ragha2

CBR Traffic Based Performance Investigations of DSDV, DSR and AODV Routing Protocols for MANET Using NS2
Payal1, Sudesh Kr. Jakhar2

An Internet and Intranet Based Real Time Medical Imaging System
Prashant Kumar1, Ashish Vashishtha2, Md. Khalid Imam Rahmani3

A Comparison between Contrast Limited Adaptive Histogram Equalization and Gabor Filter Sclera Blood Vessel Enhancement Techniques
Eliza Gail Maxwell1, Tripti C2

Partial Web Mining Website Mining Individually
Aeesha S. Shaheen

Identifying the Software Failure Mechanisms Using Data Mining Techniques
Nadhem Sultan Ali Ebrahim1, V.P Pawar2

A Deterministic Inventory Model for Deterioraing Items with Selling Price Dependent Demand and Parabolic Time Varying Holding Cost under Trade Credit
Vipin Kumar1, Gopal Pathak2, C.B.Gupta3

Combining Multiple Feature Extraction Technique and Classifiers for Increasing Accuracy for Devanagari OCR
Anilkumar N Holambe1, Ravindra C Thool2

Adaptive Particle Swarm Optimization with Neural Network for Machinery Fault Detection
B. Kishore1, M.R.S.Satyanarayana2, K.Sujatha3

Detection of Tuberculosis Bacilli using Image Processing Techniques
Rachna H. B.1, M. S. Mallikarjuna Swamy2

Low Cost Obstacle Avoidance Robot
Vivek Hanumante1, Sahadev Roy2, Santanu Maity3

Design of D Flip-Flip Using Nano-Technology based Quantum Cellular Automata
Tamal Sarkar

Performance Analysis of QoS Aware Distributed Schemes over a Ring- based EPON Architecture
ASM Delowar Hossain1, M. Kouar2, M. Ummy3, M. Razani4

Congestion Control Using Predictive Approach in Mobile Ad Hoc Network
Hariom Soni1, Pradeep Kumar Mishra2

Comparison of LSB Steganography in GIF and BMP Images
Eltyeb E.Abed Elgabar1, Haysam A. Ali Alamin2

Image Segmentation Methods: A Comparative Study
A. M. Khan1, Ravi. S2

Rule Based Aircraft Performance System
Metin Zontul

Digital Simulation of Power Converter and it’s Control in Microgrid
K. Vinod Kumar1, G. Kishor2

Simulink / MATLAB Dynamic Induction Motor Model for Use as A Teaching and Research Tool
Aleck W. Leedy

Nonsubsampled Contourlet Transformation Based Image Enhancement with Spatial and Statistical Feature Extraction for Classification of Digital Mammogram
K. Sankar1, K.Nirmala2

The Impact of Software Process Improvements in Small and Medium Scale Enterprises
G.K.Viju1, Mohammed Merghany Abd Elsalam2, Khalid Ahmed Ibrahim3, Mohammed Jassim Mohammed Jassim5

A Comparison of Different Classification Techniques for Bank Direct Marketing
K. Wisaeng

A New Topology for Power Factor Correction using Resonant Converters
V V Vijetha Inti1, Karthika Mangamuri2, Ch Phani Kumar3

The Classification Accuracy of Multiple-Metric Learning Algorithm on Multi-Sensor Fusion
Firouz Abdullah Al-Wassai1, N.V. Kalyankar2

A Review of Automatic Speaker Recognition System
Tejal Chauhan1, Hemant Soni2, Sameena Zafar3

Arnold Transform Based Steganography
Manisha Boora1, Monika Gambhir2

Opinion Mining From Blogosphere for Analysis of Social Networking
Amruta S. Dulange1, R.B.Kulkarni2, Supriya S. Ambarkar3

Development of Decision support System Using Management Information System and Geographic Information System
Teerawong Laosuwan1, Poramate Chunpang2, Nutcha Laosuwan3

A Study on Software Metrics and Phase based Defect Removal Pattern Technique for Project Management
Jayanthi.R1, M Lilly Florence2

An Effective High Step-Up Interleaved DC-DC Converter Photovoltaic Grid Connection System
G. Lakpathi1, S. Manohar Reddy2, K. Lakshmi Ganesh3, G. Satyanarayana4

An Application of Wireless Sensor Networks in Health Care Setting, Part I
Zhibin Gui1, Yongxiang Fan2

An Application of Wireless Sensor Networks in Health Care Setting, Part II
Zhibin Gui1, Yongxiang Fan2

An Enhanced Dc Motor Control Using the Speech Recognition System
Radhakrishna Karne1, Chakradhar.A2

Multiple Data Abstraction in a Single Plane Using Different Transformation Techniques
Ishani Bishnu1, Jyoti Vimal2, Neha Kumari3, Pooja Singh4

A Methodology for an Efficient and Reliable M2M Communication
Shyam Sundar Prasad1, Chanakya Kumar2

Using Reliability Information and Neuro-Fuzzy to Predict Warranty Cost: A Case Study in Fleet Vehicle
Hairudin Abd Majid1, Nur Izzati Jamahir2, Azurah A.Samah3

Face Recognition System (FRS) on Cloud Computing for User Authentication
Akshay A. Pawle1, Vrushsen P. Pawar2

Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) and Its Medical Applications: A Review
R.Harikumar1, R.Prabu2, S.Raghavan3

Optimization of Warranty Cost using Genetic Algorithm: A Case Study in Fleet Vehicle
Hairudin Abdul Majid1, Nur Hayati Kasim2, Azurah A. Samah3

A New Similarity Measure for Fuzzy Sets with the Extended Definition of Complementation
Pranamika Kakati

Finding a Suitable Nonlinear Technique to Distinguish Between HRV Data of Cardiac & Non - Cardiac Diseased Subjects
CH.Renu Madhavi1, A.G.Ananth2

Wavelet Analysis Based Overcurrent Protection for Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor
Thati. Venkata M Lakshmi1, M.V.Ramesh2

Performance Analysis of Full Adder & It’s Impact on Multiplier Design
Janagam.Srinivasa Rao1, Gulivindala.Suresh2

Enhanced " One Phase Commit Protocol " In Transaction Management
Nitesh Kumar1, Ashish Kumar2, Md. Imran Alam3

Coupled Thermal – Structural Finite Element Analysis for Exhaust Manifold of an Off-road Vehicle Diesel Engine
Sweta Jain1, AlkaBani Agrawal2

An Energy Efficient Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks: Hierarchical Approach
Nishi Sharma1, Vandna Verma2

Comparison between Innovative Approaches of RFID Based Localization Using Fingerprinting Techniques for Outdoor and Indoor Environments
Shyam Sundar Prasad1, Chanakya Kumar2

Forensic Sketch-Photo Matching using LFDA
Ujwala T. Tayade1, Seema Biday2, Lata Ragha3

Models of 2PL Algorithms with Timestamp Ordering for Distributed Transactions Concurrency Control
Svetlana Zhelyazkova Vasileva1, Aleksandar Petrov Milev2

MCM and CPM Combination as Compared to The Use of FDE for CPM
A. Montazeri1, J. Haddadnia2

Facial Expression Recognition Using Principal Component Analysis
Ajit P. Gosavi1, S. R. Khot2

Qualitative Assessment of Rain Water Harvested from Roof Top Catchments: Case Study of Embakasi, Nairobi County
Joanne N. Gakungu