Volume-3 Issue-3, July 2013

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Volume-3 Issue-3, July 2013, ISSN: 2231-2307 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

Image Watermarking using Wavelet Denoising Method
Kalpana Bhelotkar1, Sandeep B. Patil2

Identity Disclosure Protection in Slicing for Privacy Preservation
M. Senthil Raja1, D.Vidyabharathi2

An Enhanced Energy Efficient Unequal Layered Clustering Algorithm for Large Scale Wireless Sensor Networks
Rajalakshmi Somasundaram1, Tharani Thangavel2

Density of Defect
Uthaya Vasanthan.S1, Karthikeyan.B2

Optimum Security Service for Heterogeneous Multicast Receivers
Antony Sagaya Jeyanthi1, K.C.Nishitha2

A Framework for Ontology Based Knowledge Management
Sunitha Abburu1, G Suresh Babu2

Design and Implementation of a FLC for DC-DC Converter in a Microcontroller for PV System
Abel García B.1, Francisco R. Trejo-M.2, Felipe Coyotl-M.3, Rubén Tapia-O.4, Hugo Romero-T.5

Intelligent and Superior Vedic Multiplier for FPGA Based Arithmetic Circuits
Virendra Babanrao Magar

A Study of Different QoS Management Techniques in Cloud Computing
Mandeep Devgan1, Kanwalvir Singh Dhindsa2

Energy Efficient Routing Algorithm for Mobile Adhoc Networks – A Survey
Mrs.J.Nandhini1, D.Sharmila2

BCI Based Wheelchair Control Using Steady State Visual Evoked Potentials and Support Vector Machines
Rajesh Singla1, Haseena B.A2

Image Compression Based on Hybrid Wavelet Transform Generated using Orthogonal Component Transforms of Different Sizes
H.B. Kekre1, Tanuja Sarode2, Prachi Natu3

Software Testing Estimation using Soft Computing Techniques
Amarpal Singh1, Piyush Saxena2, Abhishek Singhal3

A Novel Presentation of Graph Coloring Problems Based on Parallel Genetic Algorithm
Saideh Naderi1, Masoud Jabbarian2, Vahid Sattari Naeini3

Geometry and Strength of a Shell of Velaroidal Type on Annulus Plan with Two Families of Sinusoids
Krivoshapko S. N.1, Gil-Oulbe MAthieu2

Design and Development of Abstractness in Graph Mining Technique using Structural Datum
S.P.Victor1, M. Antony Sundar Singh2

WSN Applications: Automated Intelligent Traffic Control System Using Sensors
Rashid Hussian1, Sandhya Sharma2,Vinita Sharma3, Sandhya Sharma4

Interactive Search over XML Data to Obtain Top-K Results
Ch. Lavanya Susanna

System Design for Baseline Wander Removal of ECG Signals with Empirical Mode Decomposition Using Matlab
Sasikumar Gurumurthy1, Valarmozhi2

Algorithm for Person Detection in Adaptive Background Using Matlab Platform
Suryakant Kaiwart

Review on Digital Stethoscope
Kuldeep Singh1, Preeti Abrol2, Neelam Rathi3

Real Time Object Tracking Using Different Mean Shift Techniques–a Review
Snekha1, Chetna Sachdeva2, Rajesh Birok3

Artificial Neural Networks- Growth & Learn: A Survey
Apoorvi Sood

Effective System Identification Using Fused Network and DE Based Training Scheme
Saikat Singha Roy1, Joyshri Das2, Susovan Mondal3

Performance Analysis of Parallel Interference Cancellation (PIC) Over Rayleigh Channel In DS- CDMA Systems
Sanmati Jain1, Sandeep Agrawal2, Asif Iqbal3

Securing MANET Using Artificial Neural Networks
Manisha1, Partibha Yadav2

Burst Fragmentation Model Based on Sequential Burst Allocation Algorithm for Mobile WiMAX
Zaid G. Ali1, R. B Ahmad2, Abid Yahya3

Africa on the Way to Global Wireless Digital Television
Tristan Daladier Engouang1, Liu Yun2

Interference Cencellation for Ds-Ss Using Rectagular Window Ltv Filter and Sliding Discrete Time Fourier Transforms (Dstft) Techniques
N.Murugendrappa1, A.G Ananth2

The Role of an Information Retrieval in the Current Era of Vast Computer Science Stream
Prakash S1, Shashidhara HR2, G.T.Raju3

Implementation of Area Efficient OFDM Transceiver on FPGA
Preeti.G.Biradar1, Uma reddy.N.V2

AASLTU: An Advanced System for Location Tracking and Updating
Muthu1, Vinothkumar2, Einstein3, Subala4

Comparative Analysis of RFID and Wireless Home/Office Automation
Manasee Patil1, S.R.N. Reddy2

Hybridizing Filters and Wrapper Approaches for Improving the Classification Accuracy of Microarray Dataset
Ahmed Soufi Abou-Taleb1, Ahmed Ahmed Mohamed2, Osama Abdo Mohamed3, Amr Hassan Abedelhalim4

Investigation on the Influence of Basalt Short Fiber on Thermo-Physical Properties of Aluminium Metal Matrix Composites
S.Ezhil Vannan1, S.Paul Vizhian2

Optimization of Object-Oriented Metrics Using Hopfield Neural Network
Vijay Pal Dhaka1, Swati Agrawal2

Efficient Fingerprint Recognition System using Pseudo 2D Hidden Markov Model
Parvathi R1, Shanthi Saravanan D2

Modeling of AC Contactors to Improve Life
Liping Guo1, Aleck W. Leedy2, Sidney Schaaf 3, Brian Backs4, Mark Gabatino5, Nathan James6, Mike Pintozzi7

A State of Art on Design of Low Cost Transceiver for Data Acquisition in WSN
S.R.Madkar1, R.K.Prasad2

A Novel Approach for Grid Service Reliability Modeling Optimal Task Scheduling Perceiving Fault Recovery
Nana Kacharu Zalte1, Roshan M. Pandav2

Improving Accuracy in Mitchell’s Logarithmic Multiplication Using Iterative Multiplier for Image Processing Application
Deeksha R Shetty1, Savitha Patil2

Effect of Negative Electrostatic Field Treatment on Germination of Seeds Soaked GA3
Antonio Piras1, Zhibin Gui2, Limin Qiao3, Kai Gui4, Yongxiang Fan5

Neural Network Model for Prediction of Ground Water Level in Metropolitan Considering Rainfall-Runoff as a Parameter
Sanjeev Kumar1, Ajay Indian2, Zubair Khan3

Implementation of OFDM Transmitter and Receiver Using FPGA
Nasreen Mev1, Brig. R.M. Khaire2

Performance Evaluation of Bins Approach in YCbCr Color Space with and without Scaling
H. B. Kekre1, Kavita Sonawane2

Area Estimation and Design Analysis of Gaussian Pulse Shaping Filter
Rajesh Mehra1, Ginne2

An Efficient Novel TANAN’s Algorithm for Solving Economic Load Dispatch Problems
R.Subramanian1, K.Thanushkodi2

Experimenting with the Java Computer Language in Engineering Calculations: Application to Statically Indeterminate, Rigid, Multi-Bearing Shaft Analysis
Tonye K. Jack1, Gbanaibolou Jombo2

Comparative Study of Selected Data Mining Algorithms Used For Intrusion Detection
Ajayi Adebowale1, Idowu S.A2, Anyaehie Amarachi A3

Clustering of Personalized Documents from the Web by Personal Name Aliases
Sucheta Kokate1, D. G. Chougule2, Manjiri Kokate3

Comparing and Evaluating Open Source E-learning Platforms
Fakhreldeen Abbas Saeed

Multicast and Multipath Based on Batch Signature Scheme on Adhoc Networks
Satish K1, Anand R2, Jitendranath Mungara3

Performance Analysis of Agent based IPSM for Windows based Operating Systems
Deepshikha Bhargava1, Madhavi Sinha2

Segmentation of Touching Conjunct Consonants in Telugu using Minimum Area Bounding Boxes
J. Bharathi1, P. Chandrasekar Reddy2

Use of Fuzzy C-Mean and Fuzzy Min-Max Neural Network in Lung Cancer Detection
Kiran S. Darne1, Suja S. Panicker2

Implementation of Data Encryption Standard Using Reversible Gate Logic
Nuthan.A.C1, Nagaraj.C2, Havyas.V.B3

Advanced Signal Processing Of Radar Wind Profiler Using Wavelet Transform Techniques
M. Krupa Swaroopa Rani1, P. Jagadamba2, G. Kiran Kumar3

ICI Cancellation Using Zero-Padded Conjugate Transmission with Adaptive Receiver for OFDM Systems
Amandeep Kaur1, Garima Saini2

Converting UML Description of Software Architecture to QNM and Performance Evaluation
Rahmat Zolfaghari

Mobile Robot Floor Navigation using RGB+D and Stereo Cameras
K. Al-Mutib1, E. Mattar2, M. AlSulaiman3, H. Ramdane4, M. Emaduddin5