Volume-3 Issue-6, January 2014

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Volume-3 Issue-6, January 2014, ISSN: 2231-2307 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

Genetic Algorithm Using Discrete Cosine Transform for Fractal Image Encode
N. A. Dheringe1, B. N. Bansode2

Security Evaluation of Robust Chaotic Block Cipher
Abdul Hamid M. Ragab1, Osama S. Farag Allah2, Khalid W. Magld3, Amin Y. Noaman4

The Contingencies Allowances In Project Budgeting
Gwaya Abednego1, Wanyona Githae2, Masu, Sylvester Munguti3

The Need for a Change in the Practice of Project Management in Kenya
Gwaya Abednego1, Wanyona Githae2, Masu Sylvester Munguti3

Performance Issues of Internet Protocol Versions
Gowtham Mamidisetti1, G. Tej Varma2 

Software Reuse and Reengineering: With A Case Study
Prabhot Kaur Chahal1, Amritpal Singh2

Digital Watermarking On Bank Note
Prabhjot Kaur Chahal1, Jasveen Kaur2, Palwinder Sngh3 

Application of Factor Analysis for the Study of Physicochemical Properties in Different Blends of Diesel Fuel with Biodiesel
Tsanaktsidis C.G.1, Vasiliadis V.2, Itziou A.3, Petrakis L.A.4, Moisiadis S.A.5 

The Need for a Structured Construction Clients’ Performance Assessment in Kenya
Gwaya Abednego1, Wanyona Githae2, Sylvester Munguti Masu3

A New Approches of Lung Segmentation Using Neuro-Fuzzy Network
C. M. Niranjana1, J. Dhananandhini2, K. Rajeswari3, A. Dhivya

Towards A New Security Architecture of Mobile Agents
Hassan Razouki1, Abdellatif Hair2 

Power Flow Based Contract Path Method for Transmission Pricing
I. Kranthi Kiran1, A. Jaya Laxmi2

Model Transformation Approach for a Goal Oriented Requirements Engineering based WebGRL to Design Models
Sangeeta Srivastava

Extracting Inertial Parameters from Robotic Manipulators Dynamics
Galia V. Tzvetkova

Sensing Environment through Mobile: A Personalized Wearable Obstacle Detection System for Visually Impaired People
Y. M. K Priyadarshana1, G. D. S. P. Wimalaratne2

Determination of Particle Trajectories in a Gas Insulated Busduct (GIB)
N. Swarna Latha1, J. Amarnath2

Design and Performance of the 3GPP Long Term Evolution Transceiver Physical Layer in SUI Channels
Mohannad J. Mnati1, Saleim Hachem Farhan2, Maher Ibraheem Gamaj3

Design and Simulation of Programmable AC-DC Converter Using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Techniques in MATLAB
Gailan Abdul Qadir1, Majid S. Naghmash2

A Novel Hybrid Self Organizing Migrating Algorithm with Mutation for Global Optimization
Dipti Singh1, Seema Agrawal2 

Cloud Auditing: An Approach for Betterment of Data Integrity
Sanket Sandesh Shahane1, Raj B. Kulkarni2

Simulation and Analysis of Photo-Voltaic (PV) based Solar Inverter System
Vikas Kulkarni1, Rajesh Nehete2

A Review on Applications of Artificial Intelligence-Based Models to Estimate Suspended Sediment Load
Vahid Nourani

Success Factors for Adopting E-learning Application in Sudan
Haysam A. Ali Alamin1, Eltyeb E. Abed Elgabar2

Hydrological Data Network Modelling Using Artificial Neural Network in Betwa Catchment
Ritu Ahlawat

Developed Taxonomy for Information Retrieval Systems Based on Arabic Language
Mohamed Abdelhadi1, Tiruveedula Gopi Krishna2, Ghassan Kanann3

Application of Sumudu Decomposition Method for Solving Linear and Nonlinear Klein-Gordon Equations
A. Ramadan1, S. Al-luhaibi2

Graphical Password Authentication Using Persuasive Cued Click-Points Mechanism
V. Prasath, R. Buvanesvari1, P. Nithin, S. Banu2, K. Rajeswari3

Power Budget for Single Mode Optical Fiber
Ajay Kumar

Asymptotic Power Limits for Ad-Hoc Networks Reconsider the Smart Antenna CasesK. Venkatraman1, Sudhir .P. J. Raj2, R. AntoRose3,K. Pasupathi4, S. Manikandan5

Comparative Study of Different Modified Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm with Proposed ABC Algorithm
Vani Maheshwari 

Implementation of Network Reconfiguration Technique for Loss Minimization on a Standard 16 Bus Distribution System
Shivakumar L. N.1, Kiran Kumar G. R.2, Marulasiddappa H. B3

Function Classification of EEG Signals Based on ANN
Rajesh Singla1, Neha Sharma2

Software Testing Optimization from Defect Management Models
Raghvendra Omprakash Singh1, Yuvraj B. Hembade2, Rohit S. Kulkarni3 

Design and Implementation of Dual-mode Programmable Decimation Filter for WCDM and GSM Systems
Majid S. Naghmash1, Faeza A. Abid2

An Efficient Strategy to Detect Outlier Transactions
Anjali Barmade1, Madhu M.Nashipudinath2 

Developing a Multitasking Shopping Trolley Based On RFID Technology
Satish Kamble1, Sachin Meshram2, Rahul Thokal3, Roshan Gakre4

Cost Optimization of R.C.C. T-Beam Girder
Rajesh F. Kale1, N. G. Gore2, P. J. Salunke3

A Computational Model of Mitochondrial Beta- Oxidation Highlighting the Implications on Uremia Disease in Human
Abhishek Sengupta1, Sarika Saxena2

Reducing the Voltage Sag and Swell Problem in Distribution System Using Dynamic Voltage Restorer with PI Controller
Raunak Jangid1, Kapil Parkh2, Pradeep Anjana3

The Performance Improvement of Inter-Relay Cooperative Wireless Communication using Three Time Slots TDMA based Protocol over Rician Fading
Kamlesh Borkar1, Ashish Damke2, Bhakti Sawarkar3, Prashnnaki Gedam4, Akash Wankhede5

Id Wisdom through Click Based Graphical Password Authentication

Kamlesh Borkar1, Ashish Damke2, Bhakti Sawarkar3, Prashnnaki Gedam4, Akash Wankhede5

ERP Sales and Inventory Management System
Puja S. Prasad1, Hitesh R. Yerekar2, Parag G. Satpute3, Gaurav P. Borkar4, Ajinkya S. Shendre5

Efficient Algorithm for Removing Duplicate Documents
Suresh Subramanian1, Sivaprakasam2

Use of Elastic Search for Intelligent Algorithms to Ease the Healthcare Industry

C. Bhadane1, H. A. Mody2, D. U. Shah3, P. R. Sheth4

Application of Framework for Data Cleaning to Handle Noisy Data in Data Warehouse

A.F. Elgamal*1, N.A. Mosa2, N.A. Amasha3

Comparison of Performance of Various Image Fusion Techniques using IKONOS-2 Data

Megha K. Mehta1, Nehal G. Chitaliya2, Paru Thakkar3, Madhukar B. Potdar4

Proposed Propagation Model for Dehradun Region

Pranjali Raturi1, Vishal Gupta2, Samreen Eram3

Hybrid Fuzzy Data Clustering Algorithm Using Different Distance Metrics: A Comparative Study

O. A. Mohamed Jafar1, R. Sivakumar2