Volume-4 Issue-1, March 2014

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Volume-4 Issue-1, March 2014, ISSN: 2231-2307 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

Fuzzy Dominance Matrix and its Application in Decision Making Problems
Sulekha Gope1, Sujit Das2

Image Segmentation Using Watershed Transform
Amandeep Kaur1, Aayushi2

Generation of PWM Inverter Based on a Microcontroller at Feeding Induction Motor
Mohammed Hussein Baqir

A Survey on: Underwater Video Processing for Detecting and Tracking Moving Objects
M. S. Srividya1, Shobha G.2

Analysis of File Compression Based on Amazon EC2 Cloud Platform
Juhi Sharma1, Anuradha Taleja2, Kshitiz Saxena3

Modified Advanced Encryption Standard
Pravin Kawle1, Avinash Hiwase2, Gautam Bagde3, Ekant Tekam4, Rahul Kalbande5

Performance Analysis Of single Cylinder Diesel Engine, Using Diesel Blended with Thumba Oil
Sunilkumar R. Kumbhar1, H. M. Dange2

Artificial Neural Network Approach for Student’s Behavior Analysis
Harish Kumar1, Anil Kumar Solanki2, Anuradha Taluja3

Minimization the Effect of Different Channel Model on QAM and PAM Systems in Term of Bit Error Rate
Fatima Faydhe AL-Azzawi

Scattering Measurement Due To Foliage of Western Rajasthan Region at 35 Ghz
Sandeep Rankawat1, J.S.Purohit2, D.R.Godara3, S.K.Modi4

Wormhole Detection using RBS based Ad-hoc on-Demand Multipath Distance Vector as Routing Protocol in MANETs
Neha Chandrima1, Sunil Phulre2, Vineet Richharia3

Designing an Appropiate Order of Fir Filter Using Windowing Method
Tasher Ali Sheikh1, Arindum Mukherjee2

Some EOQ Model for Weibull Deterioration Items with Selling Price Dependent Demand
A. Lakshmana Rao1, B. Neela Rao2, R. Santhi Kumar3

An Evaluation of Clients Role towards Efficiency in Projects Execution in Kenya
Abednego Oswald Gwaya1, Sylvester Munguti Masu2, Githae Wanyona3

A Critical Analysis of the Causes of Project Management Failures in Kenya
Abednego Oswald Gwaya1, Sylvester Munguti Masu2, Githae Wanyona3

Development of Appropriate Project Management Factors for the Construction Industry in Kenya
Abednego Oswald Gwaya1, Sylvester Munguti Masu2, Githae Wanyona3

Some Aspects of the Geometry of Surfaces with a System of Flat Coordinate Lines
V.N. Ivanov1, GIL-OULBE Mathieu2

Capacity Enhancement of MCCDMA Systems through MAI Cancellation Using Switched Interleaving Technique and Correlation Reconstruction based MRC with Diversity Gain
G.Senthilkumar1, R.Amutha2

Comparative Investigation of Graded Index Optical Fiber Characteristics by Using Different Materials
Ali Mahdi Hammadi1, Haidar Akram Hussein2

Augmenting the SIFT Descriptor Set to Create a Navigation Assistant for the Visually Impaired
Vineet Kosaraju1, Rishabh Jain2

Sensorless Speed Control of FSTPI Fed Brushless DC Motor Drive Using Terminal Voltage Sensing Method
R. Manikandan1, R. Arulmozhiyal2, M. Sangeetha3

Design and Implementation of Multilevel QAM Band pass Modems (8QAM, 16QAM, 32QAM and 64QAM) for WIMAX System Based on SDR Using FPGA
Hadi T. Ziboon1, Muhannad Y. Muhsin2

Improvement of the MATLAB/Simulink Photovoltaic System Simulator Based on a Two-Diode Model
Oday Mohammed Abdulwahhab

Stochastic Simulation Efficiency of Parallel CFD Solver on Elastic Cloud Environment
Omran Malik Omer Awad1, Awad Hag Ali Ahmed2, Abdelmonem M. Ali Artoli3

Online Social Networks: Privacy Challenges and Proposed Security Framework for Facebook
A. Mukesh Kumar1, B. Nupur Sharma2, Shreesh Kumar Shrivastava3

Image Segmentation and Various Segmentation Techniques – A Review
Binamrata Baral1, Sandeep Gonnade2, Toran Verma3

Feature Extraction Techniques in Remote Sensing Images: A survey on Algorithms, Parameterization and Performance
Edmore Chikohora1, Obeten O. Ekabua2

Dynamic Characterization and Noise Analysis of 4H-SiC Impatt Diode at Ka Band
Joydeep Sengupta1, Girish Chandra Ghivela2, Monojit Mitra3

Punjabi Speech Recognition of Isolated Words Using Compound EEMD & Neural Network
AnchalKatyal1, Amanpreet Kaur2, Jasmeen Gill3

Peak to Average Power Ratio Reduction in OFDM Systems Using Clipping and Filtering Technique
Begared Salih Hassen

Test Case Suite Reduction of High Dimensional Data by Automatic Subspace Clustering
Bhawna Jyoti1, Aman Kumar Sharma2

A Knowledge Based Graphical Authentication Using X and Y Coordinates
H.Faumia2, B.Abirami2, K.Muthulakshmi3, M.Kasthuri4

A Computational Systems Biology Approach to Decipher Significant Intricacies of Dihydrolipoamide Dehydrogenase Deficiency in Human
Abhishek Sengupta1, Sarika Saxena2, Gaurav Singh3, Priyanka Narad4, Ayushi Yadav5, Monendra Grover6

An Adaptive Spectrum Sensing Model for Cognitive Radio Application
Wasim Arif 1, Dhrubjun Nath Saikia2, S.Baishya3

Using WASSEC to Evaluate Commercial Web Application Security Scanners
Fakhreldeen Abbas Saeed

Generation of Orthogonal Sequences by Walsh Sequences
Ahmad Hamza Al Cheikha1, Ruchin Jain2

Dimensioning Tracking Area for LTE Network
Rahul Sharma1, Rahul Atri2, Preet Kanwar Singh Rekhi3, Sukhvinder Singh Malik4, Mandeep Singh Arora5

Image and Sound Based Authentication of User
Badgude Puja1, Ghorpade Hemlata2, Ghadge Yogita3, More Supriya4

Cloud Computing: Analyzing Security Issues & Need of Prevention against Vulnerabilities
Laxmi Shankar Awasthi1, Himanshu Pathak2, Parth Singhal3

A QoE-Based Scheduling Algorithm for UGS Service Class in WiMAX Network
Tarik Anouari1, Abdelkrim Haqiq2

Study of Energy Efficient Wireless Sensor Network Protocols

Extracting Semantic Structure of Web Pages Using Graph Grammar Induction Algorithm
B.Venkatesh1, P.Prakash2

Comparative Study of Delay and Power Dissipation of a Low Power CMOS BPSK Modulator Circuit
Sayani Palit1, Madhumita Mukherjee2

Authentication Mechanism for Smart Grid Network
Priti V. Jasud1, Manish D. Katkar2, S. D. Kamble3