Volume-4 Issue-6, January 2015

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Volume-4 Issue-6, January 2015, ISSN: 2231-2307 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

Engineering Properties of Lateritic Soils from Anambra Central Zone, Nigeria
Aginam C. H1, Nwakaire Chidozie2, Nwajuaku A.I3

The Impact of Day Lighting in Classrooms on Students' Performance
Ammar Saddik Dahlan1, Mahmoud Ahmad Eissa2

An Ancient Degraded Images Revamping Using Binarization Technique
Kaveri Jagtap1, Chandraprabha. A. Manjare2

Near Lossless Compression of Video Frames Using Soft Computing Technologies in Immersive Multimedia
Prakash Jadhav1, G. K. Siddesh2

Comparative Study of Eucalyptus, Open Stack and Nimbus
Lakshmi D Kurup1, Chandni Chandawalla2, Zalak Parekh3, Kunjita Sampat4

Physician's Decision Process for Disease Diagnosis of Overlapping Syndrome in Liver Disease using Soft Computing Model
Mohammed Abdullah Alghamdi1, Sunil G Bhirud2, Afshar M. Alam3

Numerical Study on the Detailed Characterization of Ni-MH Battery Model for its Dynamic Behavior using Multi-Regression Analysis - MRA
M. Karthik1, S. Vijayachitra2

An Empirical Study of Software Cost Estimation in Saudi Arabia Software Industry
Abdu Gumaei1, Bandar Almaslukh2, Nejmeddine Tagoug3

Design and Simulation of Perturb and Observe MPPT Algorithm for 72 Cell Solar PV System
Manish Srivastava1, Sunil Agarwal2, Ekta Sharma3

ASIC Thread for Decimal (BCD) Algorithm: A Tutorial on How Create a Thread and to Evaluate ISPMACH4256ZE CPLD
Gelacio Castillo C1, Martha P. Jiménez V2, Aurora Aparicio C3

A New Scheme for Pseudo Random Numbers Generator Based on Secret Splitting
Abdulameer K. Husain1, Ayman A. Rahim A. Rahman2

Generic Architecture for Biometric and Digital Forensic Analysis
Ifeoma U. Ohaeri1, Obeten O. Ekabua2

SABIS-Comparative Studies
Akshara Acharekar1, Pushkar Adhikari2, Pranita Doke3, Spurti Shinde4

Reliable Filters for Impulse Noise Suppression Methods Implementation and Experimental Analysis
Geeta Hanji1, M.V. Latte2

Open Source Video Analysis Tool for Motion Detection
Y.N. Prajapati1, M.K. Srivastava2, Sandhya Sharma3

Method for Evaluating The Routing Cost in Mpls Network With Regard To Fractal Properties of The Traffic
Abed Saif Alghawli

Securing the User Equipment (UE) in LTE Networks by Detecting Fake Base Stations
Alanoud Al Mazroa1, Mohammed Arozullah2

Evolving Trends and its Application in Web Usage Mining: A Survey
Vivek Dogne1, Anurag Jain2, Susheel Jain3

Educational Web Mining System Based on Result Cache Method for Information Retrieval
N. P. Joshi1, R. B. Kulkarni2

Comparative Analysis and Study on 4-bit RCA and CSK using CMOS Logic
Suhel Ranjan Mondal1, Monalisa Bhowmik2, Santanu Maity3, Razia Sultana4

Neural Network Applications in a Power Station
T. K Sai1, K. A. Reddy2

The Effects of Auto-Tuned Method in PID and PD Control Scheme for Gantry Crane System
S. Y. S. Hussien1, H. I. Jaafar2, R. Ghazali3, N. R. A. Razif4

New Design of 12-Lead ECG Simulation Signal System with Simulated Noise Added
Duong Trong Luong1, Nguyen Duc Thuan2, Nguyen Thai Ha3

Assessment of Concrete Strength using Partial Replacement of Cement for Rise Husk Ash
Anil Kumar Suman1, Anil Kumar Saxena2, T. R. Arora3

Investigation of Single Cart Gantry Crane System Performance using Scheduling Algorithm
M. S. Omar1, H. I. Jaafar2, R. Ghazali3, S. H. Mohamad4, K. A. M. Annuar5

Characteristic Performance Analysis of Electrical Machine with Faults via Wavelet Transforms
Khaleel J. Hammadi1, Ahmed R. Ajel2, Salam Ibrahim Kadhim3

Improved LDA by using Distributing Distances and Boundary Patterns
Ali Yaghoubi1, Hamid Reza Ghaffar3

The Importance of Benchmarking to Improving Container Terminal
Akram Elentably