Volume-4 Issue-5, November 2014

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Volume-4 Issue-5, November 2014, ISSN: 2231-2307 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

A Queuing Model To Improve Quality of Service by Reducing Waiting Time in Cloud Computing
G. Vijaya Lakshmi1, C. Shoba Bindhu2

Detecting the Age of a Person Through Web Browsing Patterns: A Review
Chinmay Swami1, Prasad Tarte2, Sagar Rakshe3, Sumit Raut4, Nuzhat F. Shaikh5

EAR Recognition using Artificial Neural Networks
Akshay Sanjay Borse1, Ammen Sanjay Siingh2, Arshad Harun Attar3, Nuzhat F Shaikh4

Explicit Pulse Triggered Flip Flop Design based on a Signal Feed-Through Scheme
Jyothi Bandi1, K. Rakesh2

Design of Programmable Linear Phase Equiripple FIR Filter based Chebyshev and Remez Algorithms
Abdulhassan Nasayif Aldujaili

Electronic Project Proposal Management System for Research Projects Based on Integrated Framework of Spring and Hibernate
Nisha Sharma1, P. N. Barwal2

Factors Influencing Effective Productivity on Construction Sites in Nairobi County
Absalom H. V. Lamka1, Sylvester Munguti Masu2, Githae Wanyona3, Stephen Dianga4, Abednego Oswald Gwaya5

Development of a Benchmarking Model for Construction Projects in Kenya
Abednego Oswald Gwaya1, Sylvester Munguti Masu2, Walter Odhiambo Oyawa3

The Role of Servant Leadership in Project Management in Kenya
Abednego Oswald Gwaya1, Sylvester Munguti Masu2, Walter Odhiambo Oyawa3

Using Self-Organizing Maps for Recommender Systems
Niharika Purbey1, Khyati Pawde2, Shreya Gangan3, Ruhina Karani4

G-Netadmin-A Network Management System
Dipali Bhatt1, Harish Narula2

Reducing the Size of Very Large Training Set for Support Vector Machine Classification
Mahmoudreza Ahmadi1, Hamidreza Ghaffari2

Designing Braille Copier Based on Image Processing Techniques
Abdul Malik S. Al-Salman1, Ali El-Zaart2, Yousef Al-Suhaibani3, Khaled Al-Hokail4, Abdu Gumaei5

Comparative Study of Parallel Odd Even Transposition and Rank Sort Algorithm
Manpreet Kaur

A Comparative Study of Genetic Algorithm and Particle Swarm Optimization based Optimizations of PID Controller Parameters
Jaison John1, C. Sathish Kumar2

Novel Method for Graphical Passwords using CAPTCHA
Jayshree Ghorpade1, Shamika Mukane2, Devika Patil3, Dhanashree Poal4, Ritesh Prasad5

Chebyshev-Sinc Collocation Schemes for Solving a Class of Convection Diffusion Equations
M. A. Ramadan1, Talaat S. EL-Danaf2, Hanem Galal3

A Study on Autism Spectrum Disorders using Classification Techniques
M. S. Mythili1, A. R. Mohamed Shanavas2

Bayesian Estimates based on Combined Hybrid Censored Data from the Modified Weibull Lifetime Model
M. M. Mohie El-Din1, M. S. Kotb2, W. S. Emam3

A Review on Virtual Dressing Room for E-Shopping using Augmented Reality
A. A. Shaikh1, P. S. Shinde2, S. R. Singh3, S. Chandra4, R. A. Khan5

MIMO Systems Performance Simulator
L. Berriche1, N. Al-Ghamdi2, A. Al-Qahtani3, A. Al-Garni4, M. Al-Azmi5