Volume-2 Issue-3, July 2012

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Volume-2 Issue-3, July 2012, ISSN: 2231-2307 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

Hindi Speaking Person Identification Using Zero Crossing Rate
Arif Ullah Khan1, L.P.Bhaiya2, Sumit Kumar Banchhorr3

A Unified Approach of ECG Signal Analysis
Rajiv Ranjan1, V. K. Giri2

A Comparative Analysis of Watershed and Color based segmentation for Fruit Grading
P.Deepa1, S.N. Geethalakshmi2

An Intelligent Voice Enabled Distance to Empty and Navigation System
Dhruba Ningombam1, Chitra2, Nitashi Kalita3, Vinita Pat Pingua4

Autocovariance Ionospheric Prediction Model for GAGAN Applications
V.Nagireddy1, P.Karthik2, D.Venkata Ratnam3, P.S.Brahmanadam4, B.Sada Siva Rao5, K.Sarat Kumar6, M.Ravi Kumar7

Discrimination between Speech and Music Signal
Sumit Kumar Banchhor

Detection of Lung Nodule Using Multiscale Wavelets and Support Vector Machine
K.P.Aarthy1, U.S.Ragupathy2

Study Of Transmission Characteristics Of 2x2 Mimo System for OFDM Multiplexing and Bpsk Modulation With ZF Equalizer And MMSE Receivers
Bhagya. R1, A. G. Ananth2

Calculation of Induction Motor Model Parameters Using Finite Element Method
Mayukh Bose1, Anshuman Bhattacharjee2, Sudha R.3

A Survey on Moving Object Detection and Tracking in Video Surveillance System
Kinjal A Joshi1, Darshak G. Thakore2

Metamorphic Malware Detection Using Statistical Analysis
Kevadia Kaushal1, Prashant Swadas2, Nilesh Prajapat3

Search Window Based Exemplar Approach for Image Inpainting
Mayur Rank1, N.M. Patel2

Removal of Occlusion for Abstraction of Class-Room Videos
Kapildev Naina1, Tanmay Pawar2

M- Muster Using GPS
Sivanaadhbaazi Karampudi1, Sunil Kumar Dasari2, Yedukondalu Ravuri3, Nazeer Shaik4, Veerababu Reddy5

Performance Evaluation of CSMA/TDMA Cognitive Radio Using Genetic Algorithm
Maninder Jeet Kaur1, Moin Uddin2, Harsh K Verma3

A Model to Secure Mobile Devices Using Keystroke Dynamics through Soft Computing Techniques
M. Karnan1, N. Krishnaraj2

Fuzzy Based Median Filtering for Removal of Salt-and-Pepper Noise
Bhavana Deshpande1, H.K. Verma2, Prachi Deshpande3

Spectrum Efficiency for Spatially Correlated MIMO OSFBC-OFDM Systems over Various Adaptation Policies
Ch. Siva Rama Krishna1, Vidhyacharan Bhaskar2

A Review of Heart Rate Variability and It’s Association with Diseases
CH.RenuMadhavi1, A.G.Ananth2

Compendium Model of AkT for Cell Survival/Death and its Equivalent Bio-Circuit
Shruti Jain,1 Pradeep K. Naik2, Sunil V. Bhooshan3

Optical Fiber Communication System Performance Using MZI Switching
Sachin Kumar1, Indu Bala Pauria2, Anoop Singhal3

2.4 GHz Propagation Prediction Models for Indoor Wireless Communications Within Building
B. R. Jadhavar1, T. R. Sontakke2

Fault Detection and Diagnosis in HVAC System Based on Soft Computing Approach
A.Parvaresh1, A. Hasanzade2, S. M. A. Mohammadi3, A. Gharaveisi4

Parametric Investigation of the Air Curtain for Open Refrigerated Display Cabinets
V. K. Titariya1, A. C. Tiwari2

Evaluation of Routing Protocols for Mobile Ad hoc Networks
Gaurav Kakhani1, S Gnanendra Reddy2

FPGA Based SOC for Railway Level crossing Management System
R. Ramachandran1, J. Thomas Joseph Prakash2

Data Security in Cloud Computing with Elliptic Curve Cryptography
Veerraju Gampala1, Srilakshmi Inuganti2, Satish Muppidi3

Identifying Keywords and Key Phrases
Ashwini Madane

An Approach for Extracting the Keyword Using Frequency and Distance of the Word Calculations
Ashwini Madane1, Devendra Thakore2

Some Studies Based On Red, Load Modeling, Line Outage Using Voltage Stability Analysis

Visually Lossless Compression for Color Images with Low Memory Requirement using Lossless Quantization
Mary Jansi Rani. Y1, Pon. L.T. Thai2, John Peter. K3

Avoiding Impact of Jamming Using Multipath Routing Based On Network Content
V.M. SwornaKala1, Kirpa Ganesh2

Web Mining: Methodologies, Algorithms and Applications
Bussa V.R.R.Nagarjuna1, Akula Ratna babu2, Miriyala Markandeyulu3, A.S.K.Ratnam4

Web Mining using Semantic Data Mining Techniques
K.Ganapathi Babu1, A.Komali2, V.Mythry3, A.S.K.Ratnam4

Finite Element Formulation for Prediction of Over-speed and burst-margin limits in Aero-engine disc
Maruthi B H1, M. Venkatarama Reddy2, K. Channakeshavalu3

Text Detection and Recognition in Images using Edge Based Detection and Bilinear Interpolation
K.Ganapathi Babu1, A.Komali2, V.Mythry3, A.S.K.Ratnam4

FPGA Implementation of Optimized 4 Bit BCD and Carry Skip Adders using Reversible Gates
Manjula B.B1, Venkatesh S .Sanganal2, Hemalatha.K.N3, Ravichandra V4

Fingerprint Authentication System using Hybrid Classifiers
Parvathi R1, Sankar M2

A Study of Data Mining Tools in Knowledge Discovery Process
Y. Ramamohan1, K. Vasantharao2, C. Kalyana Chakravarti3, A.S.K.Ratnam4

Performance Evaluation of DSR with Reference to Varying Number of Nodes
Anand Pandey

Effect of Shear on Stress Distribution in Redundant Frames
Chidolue C.A.1, Aginam C.H.2

FPGA Implementation of Interference Avoidance and Hard To Intercept Frequency Agile Radar Processing
Tirumala Rao Pechetty1, Raviteja Udumudi2

Measuring Semantic Similarity between Words Using Web Pages
T.Sujatha1, Ramesh Naidu G2, P.Suresh B3

Image Steganography Using LSB and Edge – Detection Technique
Nitin Jain1, Sachin Meshram2, Shikha Dubey3

Analysis of Data Mining Techniques on Real Estate
Geetali Banerji1, Kanak Saxena2

Genetic Key Generation for Public Key Cryptography
Sonia Goyat

Novel Approach to Software Metrics
Reena Sharma1, R.S.Chhillar2

Mobile App Design Tool for Smartphones: A Tutorial
Hak. J. Kim1, Jonathan Model2

An Overview of Cloud Computing Technology
Mythry Vuyyuru1, Pulipati Annapurna2, K.Ganapathi Babu3, A.S.K Ratnam.4

Investigation on Effect of Cryogenic Parameters on Wear Behavior of Aluminium-AL2O3 MMCSS Using Taguchi Method
Panchakshari H.V1, Girish D.P2, Krishna M3

A Research Study on importance of Testing and Quality Assurance in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Models
Maneela Tuteja1, Gaurav Dubey2

Personal Authentication Using Multimodel Fusion
Tina. S1, R. Medona Selin2, K. John Peter3

Performance Analysis of Artificial Neural Networks and Statistical Methods in Classification of Oral and Breast Cancer Stages
R.HariKumar1, N.S.Vasanthi2, M.Balasubramani3

Compact Microstrip Antenna for WLAN and H-LAN Communication
Samiran Chatterjee1, Partha Pratim Sarkar2, Debasree Chanda (Sarkar)3, Santosh Kumar Chowdhury4

Design and Simulation of E-Shape Microstrip Patch Antenna for Wideband Applications
Indu Bala Pauria1, Sachin Kumar2, Sandhya Sharma3

A Study and Analysis of High Speed Adders in Power-Constrained Environment
Vivek Kumar1, Vrinda Gupta2, Rohit Maurya3

Discovering Application Level Semantics for Data Compression using Hybrid Compression Technique
B. Sasikumar1, R. Deepa2

Simulation and Analysis of AODV routing protocol in VANETs
Tajinder Kaur1, A. K. Verma2

Decentralized Data Offloading in High Performance Computing Centers Using Scratch Space
P. Nishmi Irin1, K. John Peter2, I. Nancy Jeba Jingle3

Design of IEEE1588 Based Precision Time Protocol Using PSOS
Vipin Kumar Yadav1, Arun Kumar2, Abhilasha Singh3

Channel Estimation on the bases of Multiuser Space time coding
Vijay Kumar1, Geetu2

A Stateful Database Synchronization Approach for Mobile Devices
B Sri Ramya1, Shirin Bhanu Koduri2, M.Seetha3

GA Based Optimization and Critical Evaluation SHE Methods for Three-level Inverter
J.Baskaran1, S.Thamizharasan2, R.Rajtilak3

Efficiency Optimization Control of Induction Motor Using Fuzzy Logic
D. Archana1, Kotyada. Kalyani2, B. Shankar Prasad3

Structure-Preserving Image Retargeting With Compression Assessment and Adaptive Registration
R.Nishanthi1, Pon L.T.Thai2, K.John Peter3

A Special Method for Analysing and Correction of Set Effects in PIC Microcontroller
Sijoy Johnson1, N. Kumaresan2, Manu Poulose3

Detecting Policy Anomalies in Firewalls by Relational Algebra and Raining 2D-Box Model
Naveen Mukkapati1, Ch.V. Bhargavi2

Modifications in K-Means Clustering Algorithm
B. F. Momin1, P. M. Yelmar2

Novel Improved Fuzzy C-Mean Algorithm for MR-Image Segmentation
Brijesh Shah1, Satish Shah2, Y P Kosta3

Study of Fuzzy Based Classifier Parameter Using Fuzzy Matrix
Rakesh Dwivedi1, Anil Kumar2, S. K. Ghosh3

Automatic Braking System for Trains using Radio Frequency
Rohit Sharma1, Pankaj Singh2, Pankaj Agarwal3, Himanshu Tiyagi.4

Experimental and Simulated case Studies of Lamb Wave Interactions with Structural flaws and Image Reconstruction for Structural Diagnostics
Dushyantha N.D1, Mrityunjaya V. Latte2, Glenston Hadlee Miranda3, Sayanu Pamidighantam.4

Simulation and Comparison of AODV, DSR and AOMDV Routing Protocols in MANETs
Manveen Singh Chadha1, Rambir Joon2, Sandeep3

Specification Representation and Automatic Test Case Generation using System Model
Ashish Kumari1, Noor Mohammad2, Chetna3

A Fuzzy Based Approach to Detect Black hole Attack
Poonam Yadav1, Rakesh Kumar Gill2, Naveen Kumar3

Simulation & Comparison of CSFQ, RED & FRED Queuing Techniques
Sandeep1, Rambir Joon2, Manveen Singh Chadha3

Development of Data Simulation and Processing GUI for Underwater Applications Using PCI Add-On Card
Ramu Korukonda1, K J Sreeja2

Analysis of Power Transformer Insulation Design Using FEM
Tathagat Chakraborty1, Akik Biswas2, Sudha R3

Controller for Network Interface Card on FPGA
Suchita Kamble1, N. N. Mhala2

Travelling Salesman Problem Using Bee Colony With SPV
Nishant Pathak1, Sudhanshu Prakash Tiwari2

Command Mode Decoding Logic for Bus Management Unit
Nidhi Singh1, Devendra Singh2, Minakshi Sanadhya3

Multi Band Circularly Polarized Microstrip Patch Antennas for Mobile Communication
Mukesh Arora1, Shubhi Jain2, Abha Sharma3

Enhancement of Power Quality by Optimal Placement of Dstatcom For Voltage Sag Mitigation Using Ann Based Approach
B.Rajani1, P.Sangameswara Raju2

Reliability Analysis of A System Using Intuitionstic Fuzzy Sets
M.K.Sharma1, Vintesh Sharma2, Rajesh Dangwal3

Weighted Page Rank Algorithm Based on Number of Visits of Links of Web Page
Neelam Tyagi1, Simple Sharma2

An Optimized Parametric Approach for Improving Handover in WiMax
Naveen Kumar1, Parmender Balyan2, Poonam Yadav3

FSK Modem Using PSoC
Y. Sukanya1, Sridivya Pathapati2

Determination of Medium Access Probability of Cognitive Radio under Different Fading Channels
Rezwan Ahmad1, Md. Imdadul Islam2, M. R. Amin3

An Approach to Reduce Web Crawler Traffic Using Asp.Net
Chetna1, Harpal Tanwar2, Navdeep Bohra3

Overview of Scheduling Tasks in Distributed Computing Systems
O. M. Elzeki1, M. Z. Rashad2, M. A. Elsoud3

Analysis of WIMAX Handover
Rambir Joon1, Sandeep2, Manveen Singh Chadha3

Signal Acquisition for Software GPS Receiver
Chitrakant Singh1, Nitin Jain2

Image Enhancement by Thresholding on Wavelet Coefficient
M. E. Akbarpour1, M. R. Karami Mollaeiu2

Superposition Coding Scheme for Subcarrier & Bit Allocation in OFDM System
Ashish Tiwari1, Mukesh Kumar2, A.K.Jaiswal3, Rohini Saxena4

Modelling of single Sided Linear Induction Motor by MATLAB/SIMULINK
Sijitha Issac1, K.vanamathi2

Enhance Throughput in Wireless Sensor Network Using Topology Control Approach
Parikha Chawla1, Parmender Singh2, Taruna Sikka3

Comparison of Bow shape Microstrip Antenna and Rectangular patch Microstrip Antenna
Manoj Kr. Dahiya1, Ritu Goel2, Sandeep Kumar3, VikasKaushik4

Analytical Discussion of Single Electron Transistor (SET)
Vinay Pratap Singh1, Arun Agrawal2, Shyam Babu Singh3

Face Recognition based on Logarithmic Fusion of SVD and KT
Ramachandra A C1, Raja K B2, Venugopal K R3, L M Patnaik4

Hydro-Thermal Scheduling by an Evolutionary Programming Method with Cooling-Banking Constraints
Nimain Charan Nayak1, C. Christober Asir Rajan2

A Study of Semantic Web Mining: Integrating Domain Knowledge into Web Mining
V. Sitha Ramulu1, Ch. N. Santhosh Kumar2, K. Sudheer Reddy3

Deployment Techniques in Wireless Sensor Networks
Pallavi Sahu1, Sunil R.Gupta2

Classification of Stroke Using Texture Analysis on CT images
Pramod Bhat1, Mandeep Singh2

Optimal Service Pricing for Cloud Based Services
Deepak Mishra1, Manish Shrivastava2

Application of Information Technology & Computer Programming In Arsenic Mapping
Manisha Shekhar1, L Shekhar2

Curvelet Transform and Multi Structure Elements Morphology by Reconstruction based Retinal Image Analysis
Kamala Devi1. K, Agnes Anto2, K.John Peter3

Planned Obsolescence – Roadway to Increasing E-Waste in Indian Government Sector

3D Color Feature Extraction in Content-Based Image Retrieval
A.Komali1, V.Satish Kumar2, K.Ganapathi Babu3, A.S.K.Ratnam4

Control and Modeling of Shaft Generator with PWM Voltage Source Inverter for ship
Sathish Kumar T1, Gowrishankar J2

Cloud Computing for Intelligent Transportation System
Prashant Trivedi1, Kavita Deshmukh2, Manish Shrivastava3

Experimental Design and Observational Studies in the Impact of Irrelevant and Misleading Information on Software Effort Estimation
N. Rajasekhar Reddy1, P.V.Madhusudhan2

Integrated Inventory Models for Decaying Items with Exponential Demand under Inflation
Kapil Kumar Bansal1, Navin Ahalawat2

Highly Isolated Dual-Polarized Microstrip Patch Antenna Using Defected Microstrip Structure
Arabinda Roy1, Chandan Ghosh2, Susanta Kumar Parui3

Unified Master Service Catalogue Manager for Cloud
Prarthana Gupta

GSM based e-Notice Board: Wireless Communication
Pawan Kumar1, Vikas Bhrdwaj2, Kiran Pal3, Narayan Singh Rathor4, Amit Mishra5

Impact of Business Flexibility Capabilities on Firm Performance: Es Perspective
Anupam Saxena1, M.P. Jaiswal2