Volume-2 Issue-2, May 2012

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Volume-2 Issue-2, May 2012, ISSN: 2231-2307 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

Modified Energy Efficient Backup Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm Using Residual Energy for Wireless Sensor Network
Rajesh. P1, Priya. S2, Priyanka. R3

Impedance Study of Drinking Water and Tastants Using Conducting Polymer and Metal Electrodes
Mopsy Dhiman1, Pawan Kapur2, Abhijit Ganguli3, Madan Lal Singla4

Classification of Epigallocatechin and Catechin in Impedometric Mode Using PCA
Mopsy Dhiman1, Pawan Kapur2, Madan Lal Singla3, Abhijit Ganguli4

Genetic Algorithm and DWT Based Multilevel Automatic Thresholding Approach for Vehicle Extraction
Rakesh Kumar1, Tapesh Parashar2, Gopal Verma3

Unified Operating Systems
Ashish Patel1, Vasundhara Misal2, Pankaja Alappanavar3, Ronak Agrawal4

An Assessment on Irrevocable Compression of Encrypted Grayscale Image
K. Porkumaran1, S. Manimurugan2, Pradeep P Mathew3

Defect Detection of Tiles with Combined Undecimated Wavelet Transform and GLCM Features
Afsane Fathi1, Amir Hassan Monadjemi2, Fariborz Mahmoudi3

Multi-Scale Domain Classification Based Heart Sound Compression
Ravi M. Potdar1, Manoj K. Kowar2, Amit Biswas3, Mayur Amtey4

Cultural Algorithm Based Constrained Optimization for Economic Load Dispatch of Units Considering Different Effects
Bidishna Bhattacharya1, Kamal K. Mandal2, Niladri Chakravorty3

Cultural Algorithm Based Constrained Optimization for Economic Load Dispatch of Units Considering Different Effects
Bidishna Bhattacharya1, Kamal K. Mandal2, Niladri Chakravorty3

Approach to Software Maintainability Prediction Versus Performance
Ram Kumar Singh1, Akanksha Balyan2

Intelligent Bacterial Foraging Optimization Technique to Economic Load Dispatch Problem
R. Vijay

High Speed VLSI Architecture for Multilevel Lifting 2-D DWT Using MIMO
Srikanth S.1, M. Jagadeeswari2

Network Security for MANETS
Mamatha. T

ANFIS Based Torque Control of Switched Reluctance Motor
Ponrajan. P1, Jebarani Evangeline. S2, Jayakumar. J3

A New Modal of Hill Cipher Using Non – Quadratic Residues
L. Sreenivasulu Reddy

Efficient on-Board -RSA Key Generation with Smart Cards
L. Sreenivasulu Reddy

Scheduling Algorithm Applications to Solve Simple Problems in Diagnostic Related Health Care Centers
L. Sreenivasulu Reddy1, V. Vasu2, M. Usha Rani3

An Architecture of Integration Of 802.11 WLAN Network & UMTS
Mukhwinder Kaur1, Bhawna, G. C. Lall2

Design of Phase Frequency Detector and Charge Pump for High Frequency PLL
S. B. Rashmi1, Siva S. Yellampalli2

On Use of Lightweight Cryptography in Routing Protocols
Sergey Panasenko1, Sergey Smagin2

New Image Noise Reduction Schemes Based on Cellular Automata
Biswapati jana1, Pabitra Pal2, Jaydeb Bhaumik3

Simplifying Use Case Models Using CRUD Patterns
Prashant1, Sarika Gupta2

Beginning of an Effective E-Governance in India by using Informative and Communicative Mechanism
Manish Ranjan Pandey1, Manoj Kapil2, Sohan Gar3

Automatic Modulation Recognition for Digital Communication Signals
Bhawna1, Mukhwinder Kaur2, G. C. Lall3

Controlling Induced Draft Fan of Power Plant Using Labview
R. M. Potdar1, Anup Mishra2, Soma Kala Sammidi3, Akula Nagesh4

A New Improved Hybridized K-MEANS Clustering Algorithm with Improved PCA Optimized with PSO for High Dimensional Data Set
H. S. Behera1, Abhishek Ghosh2, Sipak Ku. Mishra3

Evaluation of SPIHT Compression Scheme for Satellite Imageries Based on Statistical Parameters
Nagamani .K1, A. G. Ananth2

Signal Flow Graph Analysis of Linearized Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy PI Controller
B. Amarendra Reddy1, Praveen Adimulam2, M. Sujatha3

A Survey of Bio inspired Optimization Algorithms
Binitha S1, S Siva Sathya2

Statistical Approach for Classification of SAR Images
Debabrata Samanta1, Goutam Sanyal2

Optimum Efficient Fast Handover Support for IPv6
Virender Kumar1, G. C. Lall2, Rishipal3

Hybrid Evolutionary Techniques to Restricted Feed Forward Neural Network with Distributed Error for Recognition of Handwritten Hindi ‘MATRAS’
Meenu Gupta1, Ajay Rana2

Hyperspectral Remote Sensing: Dimensional Reduction and End member Extraction
Muhammad Ahmad1, Sungyoung Lee2, Ihsan Ul Haq3, Qaisar Mushtaq4

Simulation and Analysis of a DFIG Wind Energy Conversion System with Genetic Fuzzy Controller
B. Babypriya1, N. Devarajan2

Multi-Area Load Frequency Control Implementation in Deregulated Power System
Isha Garg

A Fuzzy Based Two Warehouses Inventory Model for Deteriorating Items
A. K. Malik1, Yashveer Singh2, S. K. Gupta3

Simulation and Analysis of Wind Energy and Photo Voltaic Hybrid System
R. Valarmathi1, S. Palaniswami2, N. Devarajan3

Flattened Dispersion of Hexagonal Chalcogenide As2Se3 Glass Photonic Crystal Fiber with a Large Core
Ravindra Kumar Sharma1, Kirti Vyas2, Ajay Kumar Bairwa3

An Approach towards Improved Cyber Security by Hardware Acceleration of Open SSL Cryptographic Functions.
A. Thirueelakandan1, T. Thirumurugan2

Comparison of Different Enhanced Image Denoising with Multiple Histogram Techniques
Sandeep Kumar1, Puneet Verma2

Modeling and Simulation of Triple Metal Cylindrical Surround Gate MOSFETs for Reduced Short Channel Effects
Santosh Kumar Gupta1, S. Baishya2

CDMA vs. OFDM- Comparison and Hybrid OFDM- the Solution for the Next GenerationGurpreet Kaur1, Devesh Mahor2, Anil Kamboj3

Image Fusion using PCA in Multifeature Based Palmprint Recognition
Nirosha Joshitha J1, R. Medona Selin2

A Novel Approach for Extracting Fingerprint Features from Blurred Images
R. Vinothkanna1, Amitabh Wahi2

Detection of Virtual Core Point of A Fingerprint: A New Approach
Sarnali Basak1, Md. Imdadul Islam2, M. R. Amin3

Back-Gate Biasing of the DG Transistors
Soumen Biswas1, Sarosij Adak2

Polymer Coated Manganites and Its Magnetic Properties
K. Gupta1, P. T. Das2, T. K. Nath3, P. C. Jana4, A. K. Meikap5

22nm High K Metal Gate Inverter Comparative Analysis of Substrate Biasing Effect on Low Power And High Performance Ptm Models
Shobha Sharma

Comparative Analysis of Low Power and High Performance PTM Models of CMOS with HiK-Metal Gate Technology at 22nm
Shobha Sharma

Bandwidth Enhancement of A Micro strip Line Fed Hexagonal Wide-Slot Antenna Using Fork-like Tuning Stub
Krishnendu Chattopadhyay1, Santanu Das2, Sekhar Ranjan Bhadra Chaudhuri3

Arithmetic Operations on Symmetric Trapezoidal Intuitionistic Fuzzy Numbers
R. Parvathi1, C. Malathi2

Optimal Placement of Phasor Measurement Units Using Modified Invasive Weed Optimization
R. Sudha1, Vishwas Vats2, Gaurav Pathak3, Jayabarathi T4

An Extended and Granular Classification of Cloud’s Taxonomy and Services
Shah Murtaza Rashid Al Masud

Comparison Among Different Large Scale Path Loss Models for High Sites in Urban, Suburban and Rural Areas
Purno Mohon Ghosh1, Md. Anwar Hossain2, A. F. M. Zainul Abadin3, Kallol Krishna Karmakar4

Low Power CNTFET- Based Ternary Full Adder Cell for Nanoelectronics
Seyyed Ashkan Ebrahimi1, Peiman Keshavarzian2, SaeidSorouri3, Mahyar Shahsavari4

A Novel Efficient CNTFET Gödel Circuit Design
Peiman Keshavarzian1, Mahla Mohammad Mirzaee2

Context Sensitive Text Summarization Using K Means Clustering Algorithm
Harshal J. Jain1, M. S. Bewoor2, S. H. Patil3

Design of CNTFET-Based Invertor Inspired BiCMOS Technology
Hossein Etemadi1, Morvarid F. Dabiri2, Peiman Keshavarzian3, Tahere Panahi4

Design and Analysis of Standalone Solar Assisted Switched Reluctance Motor Drives
S. Sujitha1, C. Venkatesh2

Analyzing The Severity of The Diabetic Retinopathy and Its Corresponding Treatment
Neelapala Anil Kumar1, Mehar Niranjan Pakki2

ECDC: Energy Efficient Cross Layered Congestion Detection and Control Routing Protocol
K. Srinivas1, A. A. Chari2

Comparison of Mamdani-Type and Sugeno-Type Fuzzy Inference Systems for Air Conditioning System
Arshdeep Kaur1, Amrit Kaur2

Ultrasonic 3 Dimensional Mouse
Anand Bora1, Abrar Chapalgaonkar2, Vanita More3

Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) Algorithm for Vehicle Routing Optimization Problem
Ashita S. Bhagade1, Parag. V. Puranik2

Human Identification and Verification Using Iris Recognition by Calculating Hamming Distance
Ashish kumar Dewangan1, Majid Ahmad Siddhiqui2

Compression of Medical Images Using Wavelet Transforms
Ruchika1, Mooninder Singh2, Anant Raj Singh3

Computational Analysis of Supersonic Combustion Using Wedge-Shaped Strut Injector with Turbulent Non-Premixed Combustion Model
S. Roga1, K. M. Pandey2, A. P. Singh3

Design and Implementation of Public Key Steganography
Arpan Ghorai1, Dibyendu Chowdhury2, Satyajit Das3

Application of the Fault Tolerance of Reduced Bond Graph Approach of Parallel Computing of A Matching Network
Shiv Kumar Gupta1, Rajiv Kumar2, Krishna Kumar Verma3

State Estimation and Voltage Stability Monitoring Using ILP PMU Placement
R. Sudha1, Deepak Jain2, Umang Lahoty3, Swati Khushalani4, Nivedita G.5, Jayabarathi T.6

Design and Comparison of Multipliers Using Different Logic Styles
Aditya Kumar Singh1, Bishnu Prasad De2, Santanu Maity3

Improving Classification Accuracy by Using Feature Selection and Ensemble Model
Pushpalata Pujari1, Jyoti Bala Gupta2

Quality of Service in Two-Stages EPON for Fiber-to- the-Home
Deepak Malik1, Sonam Dung2, Robin Walia3

Analysis of Facial Expression and Recognition Based On Statistical Approach
Renuka R. Londhe1, Vrushshen P. Pawar2

An Analysis on Update Strategies for Spatio-Temporal Indexing
Lakshmi Balasubramanian1, M. Sugumaranj2

DWT Based Robust Technique of Watermarking Applied on Digital Images
Chirag Sharma1, Deepak Prashar2

Tri-band Circularly Polarized 3-Layer Stacked Patch Antenna
V. Anitha1, S. Sri Jaya Lakshmi2, M. L. S. N. S. Lakshmi3, Y. Dhatri Sai4, M. Aditya, Ch. Ravi Teja5

Design and Implementation of Memory-based Cross – Talk Reducing Algorithm to Eliminate Worst Case Crosstalk in On- Chip VLSI Interconnect
Souvik Singha1, G. K. Mahanti2

Design of Cost Effective Seal to Protect Bearings Used in Conveyor Roller Housing in Mines
Amit S. Ghade1, Sushil R. Lanjewar2

Maintainability Prediction of Object Oriented Software System by Using Artificial Neural Network Approach
Yajnaseni Dash1, Sanjay Kumar Dubey2, Ajay Rana3

Quantifying Website Usability using Fuzzy Approach
Shachi Bhatnagar1, Sanjay K. Dubey2, Ajay Rana3

An Analysis of the Attack on RSA Cryptosystem Through Formal Methods
Sachin Upadhyay1, Yashpal Singh2, Amit Kumar Jain3

A Parametric Study on Impedance Matching of A CPW Fed T-shaped UWB Antenna
D. Ujwala1, D. S. Ram Kiran2, B. Jyothi3, Shaik Saira Fathima4, P. Harish5, Y. M. S. R. Koushik6

Design and Verification of UART IP Core Using VMM
T. Krishna Kathik1, T. Praveen Blessington2, Fazal. Noor Basha3, ALGN. Aditya4, S. R. Sastry Kalavakolanu6

Current Trends, Frameworks and Techniques Used in Speech Synthesis – A Survey
Benoy Kumar Thakur1, Bhusan Chettri2, Krishna Bikram Shah3

Production Inventory Model with Price Dependent Demand and Deterioration
Kapil Kr Bansal

Employing CoCoMo 81 For Comparing New Proposed SDLC “VISHWAS” With Existing SDLC Models
Vishwas Massey1, K. J. Satao2

A Modified XTEA
Niladree De1, JaydebBhaumik2

Genetic Algorithm based Steady-State Analysis of Three-Phase Self-Excited Induction Generators
S. Singaravelu1, S. Sasikumar2

Artificial Intelligence in Robot Path Planning
Yogita Gigras1, Kusum Gupta2

Soft Computing Based Texture Classification with MATLAB Tool
Pankaj H. Chandankhede

Vertical Handoffs in Fourth Generation Wireless Networks
Ram Kumar Singh1, Amit Asthana2, Akanksha Balyan3, Shyam Ji Gupta4, Pradeep Kumar5

Study of Broadcasting and Its Performance Parameter in VANET
Yashpal Singh1, Anurag Sharma2

Word Sense Disambiguation: An Empirical Survey
J. Sreedhar1, S. Viswanadha Raju2, A. Vinaya Babu3, Amjan Shaik4, P. Pavan Kumar5

An Improved Zone Based Hybrid Feature Extraction Model for Handwritten Alphabets Recognition Using Euler Number
Om Prakash Sharma1, M. K. Ghose2, Krishna Bikram Shah3

Comparative Analysis of Relational And Graph Databases
Shalini Batra1, Charu Tyagi2

Throughput Analysis of Multi-channel TD-CSMA System and Reinforcement Learning
Sachin Bhutani1, Deepti Kakkar2, Arun Khosla3

TEC Prediction Model using Neural Networks over a Low Latitude GPS Station
D. Venkata. Ratnam1, B. Venkata Dinesh2, B. Tejaswi3, D. Praveen Kumar4, T. V. Ritesh5, P. S. Brahmanadam6, G. Vindhya7

Implementations of DPDE for Delay Locked Loop for High Frequency Clock of 2.5GHz High Speed Applications
J. Meenakshi1, G. Rakesh Chowdary2, A. L. G. N. Adityar3

Design and Functional Verification of I2C Master Core using OVM
B. Santosh Kumar1, L. Ravi Chandra2, A. L. G. N. Aditya3, Fazal Noor Basha4, T. Praveen Blessington5

Functional Verification of GPIO Core Using OVM
L. Veera Raju1, B. Kali Vara Prasad2, A. L. G. N. Aditya3, A. Jhansi Rani4, D. Naga Dilip Kumar5

An Overview of Wireless Sensor Networks Applications and Security
S. Prasanna, Srinivasa Rao

Performance Analysis of Patient Specific Epilepsy Risk Level Classifications from EEG Signals Using Two Tier Hybrid (Fuzzy, Soft Decision Trees Models and MLP Neural Networks) Classifiers
R. Harikumar1, M. Balasubramani2, T. Vijayakumar3

Optimization of OSPF Weights Using a Metaheuristic Based on Random Samplings
Siavash Sheikhizadeh

Spiral Antenna Array Using RT-Duroid Substrate for Indian Regional Navigational Satellite System
B. Sada Siva Rao1, T. Raghavendra Vishnu2, Habibulllah Khan3, D. Venkata Ratnam4

Design and Functional Verification of A SPI Master Slave Core Using System Verilog
K. Aditya1, M. Sivakumar2, Fazal Noorbasha3, T. Praveen Blessington4

Entropy Based Detection of DDOS Attacks
Anusha. J

An Advanced Online Memory Testing For Fault Diagnostic Systems
Atluri. Jhansi rani1, K. Harikishore2, Fazal Noor Basha3, L. Veera Raju4, K. Purnima5