Volume-2 Issue-4, September 2012

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Volume-2 Issue-4, September 2012, ISSN: 2231-2307 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

Identification of Stator Winding Faults and Remedial Operation of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors with Suppress Noise and Ripple
Hamdy Mohamed Soliman1, S. M. EL. Hakim2

Edusat Satellite Based Education: Study of Scope for Enhancement of Audio-Video Quality- A Case Study of Madhya Pradesh Bhoj (Open) University
Daulat Singh1, Shiv Kumar2, Rakesh Shrivastava3, Dinesh Varshney4

Some New Operations of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Soft Sets
Manoj Bora1, Tridiv Jyoti Neog2, Dusmanta Kumar Sut3

Movie Piracy Detection Based on Audio Features Using Mel-Frequency Cepstral Coefficients and Vector Quantization
B. Srinivas1, K.Venkata Rao2, P. Suresh Varma3

Configuring the System to Share Internet from Single User to Multi-user with Single Internet Dongle
Kapil Kumar1, Prateek Sharma2, Ajay Kumar Singh3

Optimal Fuzzy Supervisor Controller for an Active Suspension System
N. Ebrahimi1, A.Gharaveisi2

Improved Hysteresis Current Controller to Drive Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors through the Field Oriented Control
Hamdy Mohamed Soliman1, S.M.EL. Hakim2

Multimedia Streaming Technology in 4G Mobile Communication Systems
Geeta Chandna1, Mohit Bansal2, Saloni3, Saru Sehgal4

Identifying Faulty Node and Alternative Path in a Network
Ramander Singh1, Vinod Kumar2, Ajay Kumar Singh3, Santosh Kumar Upadhyay4

A Coding and Decoding Scheme for Energy- based Target Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks
Zhenxing Luo

Voice-Based Humanoid Robot Interaction
El Sayed M. Saad1, Medhat H. Awadalla2, Hosam Eldin I. Ali3, Rasha F. A. Mostafa4

Reduction in Bit Error Rate from Various Equalization Techniques for MIMO Technology
Vinay Dawar1, Ritu Sharma2

Power Factor Improvement in a Sugar Mill: An Analysis
Neena Malhotra1, Shivani sehgal2

A Comparative Study of Training Algorithms for Supervised Machine Learning
Hetal Bhavsar1, Amit Ganatra2

An Elaborative Approach To Enhance Access Control Model: Demostrated By 7-Tier Architecture
Ankur Kumar Shrivastava1, Abhinav Kumar2, Richa Bhatnagar3, Nidhi Chaudhary4, Mariya Khurshid Ansari5, Amod Tiwari6

Development of Genetic Algorithm based Neural Network model for parameter estimation of Fast Breeder Reactor Subsystem
Subhra Rani Patra1, R. Jehadeesan2, S. Rajeswari3, S. A.V. Satya Murty4, M. Sai Baba5

Hotspot Analysis Based Partial CUDA Acceleration of HMMER 3.0 on GPGPUs
Fahian Ahmed1, Saddam Quirem2, Gak Min3, Byeong Kil Lee4

Framework for a Knowledge Management Platform in Higher Education Institutions
Parul Sinha1, Monika Arora2, N. M. Mishra3

Hindi Speaking Person Identification using Zero Crossing rate and Short-Term Energy
L. P. Bhaiya1, Arif Ullah Khan2

Effect of Energy Conservation on Environmental Loads
Yogendra Singh1, R. K. Agarwal2, C. Srivastava3

Analysing the Inclusion of Soft Computing Techniques in Denoising EEG Signal
Ashish Raj1, Akanksha Deo2, Mangesh S. Tomar3, Manoj Kumar Bandil4

A Simple Block Based Content Watermarking Scheme for Image Authentication and Tamper Detection
L. Sumalatha1, G. Rosline Nesa Kumari2, V.Vijaya Kumar3

A Novel Snapshot Based Approach for Direction of Arrivial Estimation with Least Bias
Kishore M.1, H. M. Guruprasad2, S. M. Shashidhar3

TOrBAC: A Trust Organization Based Access Control Model for Cloud Computing Systems
Mustapha Ben Saidi1, Anas Abou Elkalam2, Abderrahim Marzouk3

A Comparative Analysis of Selection Scheme
Sonali Gandhi1, Deeba Khan2, Vikram Singh Solanki3

Generation of Frequent Patterns with Weights Over Continuous Flow of Data Efficiently
P. Satheesh1, B. Srinivas2, A. Satish Kumar3

Decomposed Fuzzy Controller for Reactive Mobile Robot Navigation
Munaf S. N. Al-Din

ADATPM: Analysis and Design of Author’s Trait Processing Module for textual Data
Gaurav Kansal1, Maneesha2

NoC Based Approach to Enhance the Existing Network Architecture
Saurabh Yadav1, Ajay Kumar Singh2

Biometric Authentication as a Service on Cloud: Novel Solution
Himabindu Vallabhu1, R. V. Satyanarayana2

Apply Pruning Algorithm for Optimizing Feed Forward Neural Networks for Crack Identifications in Francis Turbine Runner
Raza Abdulla Saeed1, Loay Edwar George2

Flexible Arbiter Based On Dynamic Arbitration Scheme for Ml-Ahb Busmatrix
Manjunath M.1, Sunitha S. L.2, B. N. Shobha3

Implementation of Fault Tolerant Method Using BCH Code on FPGA
Mahadevaswamy V. P.1, Sunitha S. L.2, B. N. Shobha3

Classification Rule Discovery for Diabetes Patients by Using Genetic Programming
Raj Kumar1, Rajesh Verma2

A New Design of Borosilicate Crown Glass Photonic Crystal Fiber to Minimize the Dispersion
Shilpa Tiwari1, Sunil Jalwania2, Ajay Kumar Bairwa3

CPLD Based Speed Controller of a DC Motor Operated Through Cellphone
Manas Kumar Parai1, Debajyoti Misra2, Banasree Das3

Toward a Pattern Language for a Allocation View in SOA
Mohammadreza Shahlaei1, Seyyed Mohsen Hashemi2

Extended Max-Min Scheduling Using Petri Net and Load Balancing
El-Sayed T. El-kenawy1, Ali Ibraheem El-Desoky2, Mohamed F. Al-rahamawy3

Modified Prime Number Factorization Algorithm (MPFA) For RSA Public Key Encryption
Kuldeep Singh1, Rajesh Verma2, Ritika Chehal3

A Comparative Study of MIPv6, HMIPv6 & IMS in terms of Cost
Virender Kumar1, G. C. Lall2

Performance Analysis of Multi User Detectors for Synchronous DS-CDMA Systems
I. Krishna Rao1, K. Santhosh Kumar2

Improving DDM Performance By Combining Distributed Data Mining And Multi-Agent System
Sitanath Biswas1, Subrat S. Pattnaik2, Sweta Acharya3

Prioritizing Test Suites Using Clustering Approach in Software Testing
Arvind Kumar Upadhyay1, A. K. Misra2

Application of ICT in Crop Production
Ugwuishiwu C. H.1, Udanor C.2, Ugwuishiwu B. O.3

Performance Analysis of Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) and Radial basis Function (RBF) Neural Networks for Epilepsy Risk Levels Classifications from EEG Signals
R. Hari Kumar1, B. Vinoth Kumar2, K. Karthik3, Jagdsh L. K. Chand4, C. Navin Kumar5

Web Vulnerability Detection and Security Mechanism
Katkar Anjali S.1, Kulkarni Raj B.2

Investigation of Techniques for Efficient & Accurate Indexing for Scalable Record Linkage & Deduplication
Sunitha Yeddula1, K.Lakshmaiah2

Scalability of Multi Tier Transactions Towards Data Confidentiality For Cloud Applications
Suvanam Sasidhar Babu1, A. Chandra Sekhara Sarma2, Yellepeddi Vijayalakshmi3, N.V.Kalyankar4

Security Approaches in Wireless Home Networks – The Incipient drifts and Surviving Glitches
Dhowmya Bhatt1, Ekata Gupta2

Efficient Techniques for Denoising of Highly Corrupted Impulse Noise Images
Suresh Velaga1, Sridhar Kovvada2

Requirements Volatility in Software Development Process
M. P. Singh1, Rajnish Vyas2

Improved Block Based Feature Level Image Fusion Technique Using Multiwavelet with Neural Network
C. M. Sheela Rani1, V. VijayaKumar2, B. V. Ramana Reddy3

Effect of Communication Frequency on Specific Absorption Rate Of Electromagnetic Radiations In Human Body
Amarjeet Kaur1, Himani Malik2, Asha Lather3, V. K. Lamba4

High Temperature Electrical Characterization of Single Crystal of N-Type CDSE Optimally Annealed in a molten CD
Pankaj Varshney

Scattered Domination In Graphs
Rajesh Kumar Tripathi1, Minakshi Gaur2

Effect of Thickness and Material on Electronic Properties of GAA-MuGFETs
Himani Malik1, Amarjeet Kaur2, Asha Lather3, V.K.Lamba4, Bhupesh Kharb5

Wavelets for the Fast Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations
Pankaj Varshney1, Kapil Kumar Bansal2, Jyotshana Gaur3