Volume-2 Issue-5, November 2012

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Volume-2 Issue-5, November 2012, ISSN: 2231-2307 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

A Model of NAFDAC Real-Time Crime Information System
Ugwuishiwu C.H.1, Inyiama H.C.2, Ezema M.E.3

RFID for Cargo and Passenger Automation and Control in Airline Industry
Abolfazl Rajabi1, Mostafa Tavassoli2, Sasan Mohammadi3, Mehrdad Javadi4

On Minimizing Software Defects during New Product Development Using Enhanced Preventive Approach
Khaleel Ahmad1, Nitasha Varshney2

Forecasting Risk and Risk Consequences on ERP Maintenance
Khaleel Ahmad1, Amit Kumar2

Analysis and Comparative Study of Different Parameters of Operational Amplifier Using Bipolar Junction Transistor and Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor Using Tanner Tools
Ankit Kapil1, Arpan Shah2, Rekha Agarwal3, Sandhya Sharma4

Duplicity Detection System for Digital Documents
Ranjeet Singh1, Chiranjit Dutta2

Quantum Inspired Evolutionary Algorithm for Optimization of Hot Extrusion Process
Rajat Setia1, K. Hans Raj2

Coal Burn Detection Using Wireless Sensor Network with Evidence Combination
M.Syed Mohamed1, M.Mohamed Sathik2, K.Senthamarai Kannan3

A smart Dictionary for the Arabic Full-Form Words
Ali EL-Desoky1, Marwa Fayz2, Doaa Samir3

Design of Power System Stabilizer for Power System Damping Improvement with Multiple Design Requirements
G.Y.Rajaa Vikhram1, S.Latha2

SaaS Multi-Tenancy Isolation Testing- Challenges and Issues
Avneesh Vashistha1, Pervez Ahmed2

An Innovative Approach towards the Video Compression Methodology of the H.264 Codec: Using SPIHT Algorithms
Charu Pandey1, Satish Kumar2, Rajinder Tiwari3

Simulation of Non-Equilibrium Transport of Suspended Sediment in Open Channels
R Gopakumar1, Robert Jesuraj K2

A New Scheme for Minimizing Software Piracy Using Combination of Smart Card and Physical Attribute with applied Crypto System
J. Swapna Priya1, Sk. Abdul Kareem2, M. Gargi3

Application of WSN in Rural Development, Agriculture Water Management
Rashid Hussain1, J L Sahgal2, Purvi Mishra3, Babita Sharma4

A Novel Compact Monopole Antenna for C band/Wi-Fi/IEEE 802.16 Systems
Rashmi Sharma1, Kirti Vyas2

Role of Sorption Characteristics of Geomaterials on Long Term Performance of Landfill Barrier
K. M. Nithya1, D. N. Arnepalli2, S. R. Gandhi3

Fuzzy Controller Design using Soft Switching Boost Converter for MPPT in Hybrid System
T.Balamurugan1, S.Manoharan2

An Implementation of a Forward Error Correction Technique using Convolution Encoding with Viterbi Decoding
Himmat Lal Kumawat1, Sandhya Sharma2

Background Modeling and Subtraction Based People Counting for Real Time Video Surveillance
Rakesh Kumar1, Tapesh Parashar2, Gopal Verma3

Evaluation of the Quality of Synthesized Calls of Alexandrine Parakeet (Psittacula Eupatria)
Kamaljit Singh Arora1, Randhir Singh2, Parveen Lehana3

Baggage Traffic Control in Airports making use of RFID Technology
Mostafa Tavassoli1, Abolfazl Rajabi2, Mehrdad Javadi3, Sasan Mohammadi4

Transient And DC Analysis Microcontroller 8051 at 0.5 micro Technology for High Speed Applications
Haneef Khan1, Amit2

Implementation of Data Aggregation and Authentication in Wireless Sensor Networks
S. Chaitanya Rami Reddy1, P. Ravinder Kumar2

Performance Analysis of BFO for PAPR Reduction in OFDM
Neha Gupta1, Garima Saini2

Access Control Protocol for Cloud Systems Based On the Model TOrBAC
Mustapha Ben Saidi1, Abderrahim Marzouk2

Tree Routed Contingency Retrieval Mechanism for Virtual Private Networks
Mahalakshmi C1, Ramaswamy M2

An Expert Anti-Malware Detection System
Richa Bhatnagar1, Mariya Khurshid Ansari2, Sakshi Bhatnagar3, Harshbardhan Barik4

Comprehensive Analysis of Hierarchical Aggregation Functions Decision Trees and Minimum Relative Entropy as Post Classifiers in the Classification of Fuzzy Based Epilepsy Risk Levels
R. HariKumar1, T.Vijayakumar2, M.G.Sreejith3

Prediction of Warranty Cost and Warranty Period using Neuro-Fuzzy Approach: Case Study of Automobile Warranty Data
Nur Izzati Jamahir1, Hairudin Abd Majid2, Azurah A.Samah3

Fully Fuzzy System of Linear Equations
Purnima Pandit

Parameter Estimation of Warranty Cost Model Using Genetic Algorithm
Nur Hayati Kasim1, Hairudin Abdul Majid2, Azurah A. Samah3

Modified Variable Step Size Normalized Least Means Square Algorithm In The Context Of Acoustic Echo Cancellation
Deman Kosale1, Anita Khanna2

Performance, Monitoring and Analysis of OWC Link at Different Atmospheric Conditions
Deman Kosale1, Anita Khanna2

Low Power 128-Point Pipeline FFT Processor using Mixed Radix 4/2 for MIMO OFDM Systems
K. Umapathy1, D. Rajaveerappa2

JigCAPTCHA: An Advanced Image-Based CAPTCHA Integrated with Jigsaw Piece Puzzle using AJAX
Nitisha Payal1, Nidhi Chaudhary2, Parma Nand Astya3

Security Enhancement in WEP by Implementing Elliptic Curve Cryptography Technique
Jaspreet Singh1, Er. Sandeep Singh Kang2

Real Time Application of Face Recognition Concept
Kandla Arora

A Novel Approach for Secure Keying Protocol for Sensor Networks
B.Srinivas1, P.Satheesh2, G.Gowthami3

An Evolution Strategy Approach toward Rule-Set Generation for Network Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)
Herve Kabamba Mbikayi

Secure Transmission Of Grayscale Images Using Discrete Fourier Transform
Pankesh Bamotra1, Prashant Dwivedi2

A Mobile Target Tracking and Data-Centric Sensor Using Wireless Network
V.Vijayadeepa1, P. Anitha2

Implementation of Fuzzy K-Means In Multi-Type Feature Coselection For Clustering
K. Parimala1, V. Palanisamy2

Single to Multiband Frequency Technique for Wireless and Telecomm Microstrip Antenna Design
Shelly Chawla1, Jagtar Singh2, Paras Chawla3

Exploring the Need for Specialized Testing Technique for an Agent-Based Software
N.Sivakumar1, K.Vivekanandan2

Innovative Segmentation Approach Based on LRTM
S.Kezia1, I.Shanti Prabha2, V.VijayaKumar3

To Investigate the Electrical Impedance of the Aloe Barbadensis Miller Leaves
Sanjeev Kumar Sharma1, Randhir Singh2, Parveen Lehana3

Process Speech Recognition System using Artificial Intelligence Technique
Anupam Choudhary1, Ravi Kshirsagar2

Analysis and Comparative Study of Effect of Feedback on BJT and CMOS Amplifier using Tanner Tools
Arpan Shah1, Ankit Kapil2, Rekha Agarwal3, Sandhya Sharma4

Robust Stability Analysis with Time Delay Using PI Controller
Gursewak Singh

Quality of Service (QoS) in Wireless Network and NS-3, VOIP Simulation Environment
Ashish Dubey

Metrics Identification for Measuring Object Oriented Software Quality
Aman Kumar Sharma1, Arvind Kalia2, Hardeep Singh3

Power-Efficient Reliable Routing Protocol to Increase Throughput in Ad hoc Networks
Shayesteh Tabatabaei1, Mohamad Teshnehlab2

Component Based Approach for Technically Feasible and Economically Viable E-Content Design and Development
J.Senthil Kumar1, S.K.Srivatsa2

Tumors Classification using PNN Methods
M. Vinay Kumar1, Sharad Kulkarini2

Artificial Intelligence in Games
Raju1, Nitin Sikka2, Sanjeev Kumar3, Rahul Gupta4

Satellite Image Resolution Enhancement using DWT Technique
O. Harikrishna1, A. Maheshwari2

Design of a Rectangular Fractal Patch Geometry for Modern Communication Systems
Ruchika Jain1, Deepak Bhatnagar2, Kirti Vyas3

Design of Improved Built-In-Self-Test Algorithm (8n) for Single Port Memory
Manoj Vishnoi1, Arun Kumar2, Minakshi Sanadhya3

Design of High Breakdown Voltage and Power Dissipation of 6H-SIC DIMOSFET Using Uniformly Doped Profile of Drift Region.
Sanjay Sharma1, Amarjeet Kaur2, Shaweta Narula3, Meenu Jangir4, Ashish Sharma5, Hemchand Vashist6

Analysis of Sliding Window Protocol for Connected Node
Kapil Kumar Bansal1, Rakesh Kumar Yadav2

A Comparative Study Review of Soft Computing Approach in Weather Forecasting
Govind Kumar Rahul1, Madhu Khurana2

Vehicle Collision Avoidance System Using Wireless Sensor Networks
S.Ramesh1, Ravi Ranjan2, Ranjeet Mukherjee3, Swarnali Chaudhuri4