Volume-5 Issue-4, September 2015

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Volume-5 Issue-4, September 2015, ISSN: 2231-2307 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

Applying Association Rules Mining Algorithms for Traffic Accidents in Dubai
Amira A. El Tayeb1, Vikas Pareek2, Abdelaziz Araar3

Web Mining in Search Engines for Improving Page Rank
Sadik Khan1, Yashpal Singh2, Ajay Kumar Sachan3

Prediction of Disease Level Using Multilayer Perceptron of Artificial Neural Network for Patient Monitoring
Md. Osman Goni Nayeem1, Maung Ning Wan2, Md. Kamrul Hasan3

A Performance Analysis of Memetic Algorithm, Genetic Algorithm and Simulated Annealing in Production System Optimization
Alireza Noroziroshan1, Shaghayegh Habibi2

CW Laser Combined with LED to Reduce the FWM in SAC-OCDMA Network
Ibrahim F. Alshammari1, Haider A. Abdulkarim2, Ali Abdulraheem Alwan3

Optimizing Service Selection in Combinatorial Auction by Resolving Non-Linear Programming Constraints
K. Uma Devi1, B. Lalitha2

Increasing Efficiency & Detailing in Analysis of Market Trends using SAS
Ruby Singh1, Chiranjit Dutta2, Ranjeet Singh3

Error Rate Testing of Training Algorithm in Back Propagation Network
Hindayati Mustafidah1, Suwarsito2

Randomness Prediction of Brain Tumor by Analyzing EEG Signal Using Approximate Entropy and Regression Analysis
Md. Kamrul Hasan1, Md. Osman Goni Nayeem2, Md. Asif Ahamed3, Maung Ning Wan4, Mohiuddin Ahmad5

An Investigation into the Factors that Influence Project Control Process in the Implementation of Construction Projects in Kenya
Cyrus Babu Ong`ondo1, Githae Wanyona2, Abednego Gwaya3

Identifying Key Risk Influencing Project Delivery in Kenya from Contractors’ Perspective
Peter Mwangi Njogu1, Alkizim Ahmad2, Abednego Gwaya3

Modelling and Control of Dynamical Systems Using Neural Network – A Review
Abubakar S. Umar1, Muntaqa D. Alhassan2, Kabiru Aminu3, Salahuddeen G. Ahmad4

Robust Video Watermarking Algorithm Using K-Harries Feature Point Detection
Harpreet Singh

Hardware Implementation of Dynamics Keystroke Applied for Cloud Computing
Basma M. Hassan1, Khaled M. Fouad2, Mahmoud F. Hassan3

Rule base-Disturbance Estimation Based Fault Diagnosis for Grid Connected PV System
Tivisha Goel

Recapitulating The Payment Default Effects to Contractors in The Kenyan Construction Industry
Mark Obegi Kenyatta1, Ahmad Omar Alkizim2, Titus Kivaa Mbiti3

A Comparative Study: Multiplier Design using Reversible Gates logic
Mark Obegi Kenyatta1, Ahmad Omar Alkizim2, Titus Kivaa Mbiti3

Exploring of Sliding Window Visualization System to Understand Flow and Error Control Mechanism of Data Link Layer
Ayushi Chaudhary

Revised Dynamic Teaching Materials Concept for Community Learning
George Moroni Teixeira Batista1, Mayu Urata2, Mamoru Endo3, Takami Yasuda4

Migration from Copper to Fiber Access Network using Passive Optical Network for Green and Dry Field Areas of Pakistan
Umar Farooq1, Sajid Bashir2, Tauseef Tasneem3, A.Saboor, A.Rauf4

Design of Area and Speed Efficient Square Root Carry Select Adder Using Fast Adders
Sanjeev. K1, Sivananda Hariprasth2, Saranya. M3, Sandhya. G4

Design of MLP-NN Classifier Block with PCA- Type of Dimensionality Reduction Technique for Assessment of State of Degradation in Stator Insulation of Induction Motor
Amit J. Modak1, H. P. Inamdar2