Volume-3 Issue-6, January 2014

Volume-3 Issue-6, January 2014, ISSN: 2231-2307 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

Genetic Algorithm Using Discrete Cosine Transform for Fractal Image Encode
N. A. Dheringe1, B. N. Bansode2

Security Evaluation of Robust Chaotic Block Cipher
Abdul Hamid M. Ragab1, Osama S. Farag Allah2, Khalid W. Magld3, Amin Y. Noaman4

The Contingencies Allowances In Project Budgeting
Gwaya Abednego1, Wanyona Githae2, Masu, Sylvester Munguti3

The Need for a Change in the Practice of Project Management in Kenya
Gwaya Abednego1, Wanyona Githae2, Masu Sylvester Munguti3

Performance Issues of Internet Protocol Versions
Gowtham Mamidisetti1, G. Tej Varma2 

Software Reuse and Reengineering: With A Case Study
Prabhot Kaur Chahal1, Amritpal Singh2

Digital Watermarking On Bank Note
Prabhjot Kaur Chahal1, Jasveen Kaur2, Palwinder Sngh3 

Application of Factor Analysis for the Study of Physicochemical Properties in Different Blends of Diesel Fuel with Biodiesel
Tsanaktsidis C.G.1, Vasiliadis V.2, Itziou A.3, Petrakis L.A.4, Moisiadis S.A.5 

The Need for a Structured Construction Clients’ Performance Assessment in Kenya
Gwaya Abednego1, Wanyona Githae2, Sylvester Munguti Masu3

A New Approches of Lung Segmentation Using Neuro-Fuzzy Network
C. M. Niranjana1, J. Dhananandhini2, K. Rajeswari3, A. Dhivya

Towards A New Security Architecture of Mobile Agents
Hassan Razouki1, Abdellatif Hair2 

Power Flow Based Contract Path Method for Transmission Pricing
I. Kranthi Kiran1, A. Jaya Laxmi2

Model Transformation Approach for a Goal Oriented Requirements Engineering based WebGRL to Design Models
Sangeeta Srivastava

Extracting Inertial Parameters from Robotic Manipulators Dynamics
Galia V. Tzvetkova

Sensing Environment through Mobile: A Personalized Wearable Obstacle Detection System for Visually Impaired People
Y. M. K Priyadarshana1, G. D. S. P. Wimalaratne2

Determination of Particle Trajectories in a Gas Insulated Busduct (GIB)
N. Swarna Latha1, J. Amarnath2

Design and Performance of the 3GPP Long Term Evolution Transceiver Physical Layer in SUI Channels
Mohannad J. Mnati1, Saleim Hachem Farhan2, Maher Ibraheem Gamaj3

Design and Simulation of Programmable AC-DC Converter Using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Techniques in MATLAB
Gailan Abdul Qadir1, Majid S. Naghmash2

A Novel Hybrid Self Organizing Migrating Algorithm with Mutation for Global Optimization
Dipti Singh1, Seema Agrawal2 

Cloud Auditing: An Approach for Betterment of Data Integrity
Sanket Sandesh Shahane1, Raj B. Kulkarni2

Simulation and Analysis of Photo-Voltaic (PV) based Solar Inverter System
Vikas Kulkarni1, Rajesh Nehete2

A Review on Applications of Artificial Intelligence-Based Models to Estimate Suspended Sediment Load
Vahid Nourani

Success Factors for Adopting E-learning Application in Sudan
Haysam A. Ali Alamin1, Eltyeb E. Abed Elgabar2

Hydrological Data Network Modelling Using Artificial Neural Network in Betwa Catchment
Ritu Ahlawat

Developed Taxonomy for Information Retrieval Systems Based on Arabic Language
Mohamed Abdelhadi1, Tiruveedula Gopi Krishna2, Ghassan Kanann3

Application of Sumudu Decomposition Method for Solving Linear and Nonlinear Klein-Gordon Equations
A. Ramadan1, S. Al-luhaibi2

Graphical Password Authentication Using Persuasive Cued Click-Points Mechanism
V. Prasath, R. Buvanesvari1, P. Nithin, S. Banu2, K. Rajeswari3

Power Budget for Single Mode Optical Fiber
Ajay Kumar

Asymptotic Power Limits for Ad-Hoc Networks Reconsider the Smart Antenna CasesK. Venkatraman1, Sudhir .P. J. Raj2, R. AntoRose3,K. Pasupathi4, S. Manikandan5

Comparative Study of Different Modified Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm with Proposed ABC Algorithm
Vani Maheshwari 

Implementation of Network Reconfiguration Technique for Loss Minimization on a Standard 16 Bus Distribution System
Shivakumar L. N.1, Kiran Kumar G. R.2, Marulasiddappa H. B3

Function Classification of EEG Signals Based on ANN
Rajesh Singla1, Neha Sharma2

Software Testing Optimization from Defect Management Models
Raghvendra Omprakash Singh1, Yuvraj B. Hembade2, Rohit S. Kulkarni3 

Design and Implementation of Dual-mode Programmable Decimation Filter for WCDM and GSM Systems
Majid S. Naghmash1, Faeza A. Abid2

An Efficient Strategy to Detect Outlier Transactions
Anjali Barmade1, Madhu M.Nashipudinath2 

Developing a Multitasking Shopping Trolley Based On RFID Technology
Satish Kamble1, Sachin Meshram2, Rahul Thokal3, Roshan Gakre4

Cost Optimization of R.C.C. T-Beam Girder
Rajesh F. Kale1, N. G. Gore2, P. J. Salunke3

A Computational Model of Mitochondrial Beta- Oxidation Highlighting the Implications on Uremia Disease in Human
Abhishek Sengupta1, Sarika Saxena2

Reducing the Voltage Sag and Swell Problem in Distribution System Using Dynamic Voltage Restorer with PI Controller
Raunak Jangid1, Kapil Parkh2, Pradeep Anjana3

The Performance Improvement of Inter-Relay Cooperative Wireless Communication using Three Time Slots TDMA based Protocol over Rician Fading
Kamlesh Borkar1, Ashish Damke2, Bhakti Sawarkar3, Prashnnaki Gedam4, Akash Wankhede5

Id Wisdom through Click Based Graphical Password Authentication

Kamlesh Borkar1, Ashish Damke2, Bhakti Sawarkar3, Prashnnaki Gedam4, Akash Wankhede5

ERP Sales and Inventory Management System
Puja S. Prasad1, Hitesh R. Yerekar2, Parag G. Satpute3, Gaurav P. Borkar4, Ajinkya S. Shendre5

Efficient Algorithm for Removing Duplicate Documents
Suresh Subramanian1, Sivaprakasam2

Use of Elastic Search for Intelligent Algorithms to Ease the Healthcare Industry

C. Bhadane1, H. A. Mody2, D. U. Shah3, P. R. Sheth4

Application of Framework for Data Cleaning to Handle Noisy Data in Data Warehouse

A.F. Elgamal*1, N.A. Mosa2, N.A. Amasha3

Comparison of Performance of Various Image Fusion Techniques using IKONOS-2 Data

Megha K. Mehta1, Nehal G. Chitaliya2, Paru Thakkar3, Madhukar B. Potdar4

Proposed Propagation Model for Dehradun Region

Pranjali Raturi1, Vishal Gupta2, Samreen Eram3

Hybrid Fuzzy Data Clustering Algorithm Using Different Distance Metrics: A Comparative Study

O. A. Mohamed Jafar1, R. Sivakumar2

Volume-3 Issue-5, November 2013

Volume-3 Issue-5, November 2013, ISSN: 2231-2307 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

Critical Parameters for Coupling and Cohesion of S/W Reusability Problem Domain
A. Ravi1, Nirmala2

Effective Routing Protocol (DSDV) for Mobile Ad Hoc Network
Jaya Bhatt1, Naveen Hemrajani2

Formulation of the Internal Stress Equations of Pinned Portal Frames Putting Shear Deformation into Consideration
Okonkwo V. O1, Onyeyili I. O2, Aginam C. H.3, Chidolue C. A4

Big Data Challenges for E-governess System in Distributing Systems
M.Suresh1, R.Parthasarathy2, M.Prabakaran3, S.Raja4

Comparative Performance Analysis of PID Based NARMA-L2 and ANFIS Control for Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor
Bharti Panjwani1, Vijay Mohan2

Data Mining and Service Customization in Leisure and Hospitality
I A. Kamani C Samarasinghe1, Saluka Kodituwakku2, Roshan D. Yapa3

A Two-Warehouse Production Inventory Model with Variable Demand and Permissible Delay in Payment under Inflation
S, R. Singh1, Pinky Saxena2

Run Time Evaluation by using Object Oriented Debugging Tool
Ashvini A. Patil1, Swapnil V. Suryawanshi2

Automated Test Data Generation Using Fuzzy Logic-Genetic Algorithm Hybridization System for Class Testing Of Object Oriented Programming
Swapan Kumar Mondal1, Hitesh Tahbildar2

A Three Engine Application Level Firewall for Web Servers
Gowtham Mamidisetti1, T.Divya2

Increase the Security of Web Service without Effect on Its Performance by Using Blowfish Cryptography Algorithm
Shaymaa Mohammed Jawad Kadhim1, Manjusha Joshi2, Shashank Joshi3

Mnfc-Operation Modes and Risks
Gowtham Mamidisetti1, P.N.S.L.Sravani2, P.Anusha3

A Combined Approach of Data Mining Algorithms Based on Association Rule Mining and Rule Induction
Er. Amarjeet Kaur1, Er. Kumar Saurabh2, Er. Gurpreet Singh3

Study of a Queue Model Using an Estimation of Distribution Algorithm
Ricardo Pérez1, S. Jöns2, Arturo Hernández3

Influence of Information and Communication Technology in Health Sectors
Saraswati Mishra1, Abhishek Kalra2, Kavita Choudhary3

Texture Segmentation: Different Methods
Vaijinath V. Bhosle1, Vrushsen P. Pawar2

A short survey of Advantages and Applications of Skip Graphs
Shalini Batra1, Amritpal Singh2

Time Varying Moving Object Acceleration/ Deceleration Detection in Region of Interest Using Motion of Center of Gravity
E.M.C.L Ekanayake1, J.V Wijayakulasooriya2

Development of a Model for Determining Realistic Contract Period
Alex J Kalume1, Stephen Dianga1

Comparison of LSB Steganography in BMP and JPEG Images
Eltyeb E. A bed Elgabar

Intelligent Agents for the Semantic Annotation of Educational Resources
Aziz ORICHE1, Abderrahman CHEKRY2, Mohamed KHALDI3

Diagnosis of Neuromuscular Disorders Using Softcomputing Techniques
Akhila Devi B V1, S.Suja Priyadharsini2

Multi-Language Compiler on Private Cloud Based System
Sachin Lonare1, Rutuja Paripagar2, Roshani channe3

MDT: Middle Tire Automation Testing Framework
Yogesh M. Gajmal1, Vandana M. Gaikwad2

Benefits And Challenges of E-Governance Portal
Bhavneet Dhindsa1, Malika Narang2, Kavita Choudhary3

A Novel RISC Processor with Crypto Specific Instruction Set
Bhagyasree. P1, C.Silpa2, M.J.C.Prasad3

Implementation Of High Reliable Fine Grain Fault Tolerance Redundant Technique For FPGA
K. Sreelaxmi1, B. Srinivas2, M.J.C.Prasad3

A Modified Differential Evolution Algorithm trained Pi-Sigma Neural Network for Pattern Classification
Sibarama Panigrahi1, Ashok Kumar Bhoi2, Yasobanta Karali3

A Secure And Efficient Authentication Protocol Based On Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman Algorithm And Zero Knowledge Property
Manoj Kumar

Improvement of Fixed WiMAX OSTBC–OFDM Transceiver Based Wavelet Signals by Non-Linear Precoding Using SDR Platform
Mohammed Aboud Kadhim1, Hamood Shehab Hamid2, Nooraldeen Raaoof Hadi3

Transportation Noise and Vibration-Sources, Prediction, and Control
Sharad R.Mahajan1, Rahul D.Rajopadhye2

Distributed Transaction System Application Using Design Pattern
Jayashree D. Jadhav1, Manjusha Joshi2, S.D.Joshi3, R. M Jalnekar4

Private Cloud Implementation for Centralized Compilation
Mehare Suraj1, Paliwal Poonam2, Pardeshi Mangesh3, Begum Shahnaz4

Using Artificial Neural Network(ANN) Machinability Investigation Of Yttria Based Zirconia Toughness Alumina (Y-ZTA) Ceramic Insert
Ishani Bishnu1, Jyoti Vimal2, Neha Kumari3

Design and Development Of MOKHTAR Wind Tracker
Ata Jahangir Moshayedi1, Damayanti C Gharpure2, Arvind D Shaligram3

Predicton With Smart Phones
Gowtham Mamidisetti1, B.Venkatesh2

Parallel and Digit-Serial Implementations of Area- Efficient 3-Operand Decimal Adders
Tso-Bing Juang1, Hsin-Hao Peng2, Han-Lung Kuo3

Survey on Lightweight Block Cipher
Swarnendu Jana1, Jaydeb Bhaumik2, Manas Kumar Maiti3

Data Integrity Verification by Third Party Auditor in Remote Data Cloud
Anne Srijanya. K1, N. Kasiviswanath2

Organizing Information in the Blogosphere: The Use of Unsupervised Approach
Ramesh Kumar Ayyasamy

Electronic Noses Application to Food Analysis Using Metal Oxide Sensors: A Review
Syeda Erfana Zohora1, A.M.Khan2, A.K.Srivastava3, Nisar Hundewale4

Design of GA based PID Controller for three tank system with various Performance Indices
P Srinivas1, K Vijaya Lakshmi2, V Naveen Kumar3

Design and Performance Antenna Diversity for MIMO WiMAX Mobile Terminals
Mohannad J Mnati

Student’s Performance Measuring using Assistant Algorithm
N. Venkatesan1, N. Chandru2

A Model Based Approach for Gait Recognition System
Mohamed Rafi1, Hédi Khammari2, R.S.D Wahidabanu3, Yasmeen Taj4

Helping Hands: Enabling the Disabled
Nihar M. Ranjan1, Rahul Pardeshi2, Piyush Bhattad3, Pavan Shah4, Nirav Shah5

GA-SVM and MLP-BBO to estimate Robot Manipulator Joint Angles

Optimal Tuning of PI Controller using Bacterial Foraging Algorithms for Power Electronic Converter
B. Achiammal1, R.Kayalvizhi2

Suspended Solid Measurement System with Two Frequency Four Beam Technique for Distillery Spent Wash

Volume-3 Issue-4, September 2013

Volume-3 Issue-4, September 2013, ISSN: 2231-2307 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

K-Means Clustering Approach to Analyze NSL-KDD Intrusion Detection Dataset
Vipin Kumar1, Himadri Chauhan2, Dheeraj Panwar3

Improved Skew Detection and Correction Approach Using Discrete Fourier Algorithm
Ruby Singh1, Ramandeep Kaur2

Hybrid Approach for Credit Card Fraud Detection
Krishna Kumar Tripathi1, Lata Ragha2

CBR Traffic Based Performance Investigations of DSDV, DSR and AODV Routing Protocols for MANET Using NS2
Payal1, Sudesh Kr. Jakhar2

An Internet and Intranet Based Real Time Medical Imaging System
Prashant Kumar1, Ashish Vashishtha2, Md. Khalid Imam Rahmani3

A Comparison between Contrast Limited Adaptive Histogram Equalization and Gabor Filter Sclera Blood Vessel Enhancement Techniques
Eliza Gail Maxwell1, Tripti C2

Partial Web Mining Website Mining Individually
Aeesha S. Shaheen

Identifying the Software Failure Mechanisms Using Data Mining Techniques
Nadhem Sultan Ali Ebrahim1, V.P Pawar2

A Deterministic Inventory Model for Deterioraing Items with Selling Price Dependent Demand and Parabolic Time Varying Holding Cost under Trade Credit
Vipin Kumar1, Gopal Pathak2, C.B.Gupta3

Combining Multiple Feature Extraction Technique and Classifiers for Increasing Accuracy for Devanagari OCR
Anilkumar N Holambe1, Ravindra C Thool2

Adaptive Particle Swarm Optimization with Neural Network for Machinery Fault Detection
B. Kishore1, M.R.S.Satyanarayana2, K.Sujatha3

Detection of Tuberculosis Bacilli using Image Processing Techniques
Rachna H. B.1, M. S. Mallikarjuna Swamy2

Low Cost Obstacle Avoidance Robot
Vivek Hanumante1, Sahadev Roy2, Santanu Maity3

Design of D Flip-Flip Using Nano-Technology based Quantum Cellular Automata
Tamal Sarkar

Performance Analysis of QoS Aware Distributed Schemes over a Ring- based EPON Architecture
ASM Delowar Hossain1, M. Kouar2, M. Ummy3, M. Razani4

Congestion Control Using Predictive Approach in Mobile Ad Hoc Network
Hariom Soni1, Pradeep Kumar Mishra2

Comparison of LSB Steganography in GIF and BMP Images
Eltyeb E.Abed Elgabar1, Haysam A. Ali Alamin2

Image Segmentation Methods: A Comparative Study
A. M. Khan1, Ravi. S2

Rule Based Aircraft Performance System
Metin Zontul

Digital Simulation of Power Converter and it’s Control in Microgrid
K. Vinod Kumar1, G. Kishor2

Simulink / MATLAB Dynamic Induction Motor Model for Use as A Teaching and Research Tool
Aleck W. Leedy

Nonsubsampled Contourlet Transformation Based Image Enhancement with Spatial and Statistical Feature Extraction for Classification of Digital Mammogram
K. Sankar1, K.Nirmala2

The Impact of Software Process Improvements in Small and Medium Scale Enterprises
G.K.Viju1, Mohammed Merghany Abd Elsalam2, Khalid Ahmed Ibrahim3, Mohammed Jassim Mohammed Jassim5

A Comparison of Different Classification Techniques for Bank Direct Marketing
K. Wisaeng

A New Topology for Power Factor Correction using Resonant Converters
V V Vijetha Inti1, Karthika Mangamuri2, Ch Phani Kumar3

The Classification Accuracy of Multiple-Metric Learning Algorithm on Multi-Sensor Fusion
Firouz Abdullah Al-Wassai1, N.V. Kalyankar2

A Review of Automatic Speaker Recognition System
Tejal Chauhan1, Hemant Soni2, Sameena Zafar3

Arnold Transform Based Steganography
Manisha Boora1, Monika Gambhir2

Opinion Mining From Blogosphere for Analysis of Social Networking
Amruta S. Dulange1, R.B.Kulkarni2, Supriya S. Ambarkar3

Development of Decision support System Using Management Information System and Geographic Information System
Teerawong Laosuwan1, Poramate Chunpang2, Nutcha Laosuwan3

A Study on Software Metrics and Phase based Defect Removal Pattern Technique for Project Management
Jayanthi.R1, M Lilly Florence2

An Effective High Step-Up Interleaved DC-DC Converter Photovoltaic Grid Connection System
G. Lakpathi1, S. Manohar Reddy2, K. Lakshmi Ganesh3, G. Satyanarayana4

An Application of Wireless Sensor Networks in Health Care Setting, Part I
Zhibin Gui1, Yongxiang Fan2

An Application of Wireless Sensor Networks in Health Care Setting, Part II
Zhibin Gui1, Yongxiang Fan2

An Enhanced Dc Motor Control Using the Speech Recognition System
Radhakrishna Karne1, Chakradhar.A2

Multiple Data Abstraction in a Single Plane Using Different Transformation Techniques
Ishani Bishnu1, Jyoti Vimal2, Neha Kumari3, Pooja Singh4

A Methodology for an Efficient and Reliable M2M Communication
Shyam Sundar Prasad1, Chanakya Kumar2

Using Reliability Information and Neuro-Fuzzy to Predict Warranty Cost: A Case Study in Fleet Vehicle
Hairudin Abd Majid1, Nur Izzati Jamahir2, Azurah A.Samah3

Face Recognition System (FRS) on Cloud Computing for User Authentication
Akshay A. Pawle1, Vrushsen P. Pawar2

Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) and Its Medical Applications: A Review
R.Harikumar1, R.Prabu2, S.Raghavan3

Optimization of Warranty Cost using Genetic Algorithm: A Case Study in Fleet Vehicle
Hairudin Abdul Majid1, Nur Hayati Kasim2, Azurah A. Samah3

A New Similarity Measure for Fuzzy Sets with the Extended Definition of Complementation
Pranamika Kakati

Finding a Suitable Nonlinear Technique to Distinguish Between HRV Data of Cardiac & Non – Cardiac Diseased Subjects
CH.Renu Madhavi1, A.G.Ananth2

Wavelet Analysis Based Overcurrent Protection for Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor
Thati. Venkata M Lakshmi1, M.V.Ramesh2

Performance Analysis of Full Adder & It’s Impact on Multiplier Design
Janagam.Srinivasa Rao1, Gulivindala.Suresh2

Enhanced ” One Phase Commit Protocol ” In Transaction Management
Nitesh Kumar1, Ashish Kumar2, Md. Imran Alam3

Coupled Thermal – Structural Finite Element Analysis for Exhaust Manifold of an Off-road Vehicle Diesel Engine
Sweta Jain1, AlkaBani Agrawal2

An Energy Efficient Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks: Hierarchical Approach
Nishi Sharma1, Vandna Verma2

Comparison between Innovative Approaches of RFID Based Localization Using Fingerprinting Techniques for Outdoor and Indoor Environments
Shyam Sundar Prasad1, Chanakya Kumar2

Forensic Sketch-Photo Matching using LFDA
Ujwala T. Tayade1, Seema Biday2, Lata Ragha3

Models of 2PL Algorithms with Timestamp Ordering for Distributed Transactions Concurrency Control
Svetlana Zhelyazkova Vasileva1, Aleksandar Petrov Milev2

MCM and CPM Combination as Compared to The Use of FDE for CPM
A. Montazeri1, J. Haddadnia2

Facial Expression Recognition Using Principal Component Analysis
Ajit P. Gosavi1, S. R. Khot2

Qualitative Assessment of Rain Water Harvested from Roof Top Catchments: Case Study of Embakasi, Nairobi County
Joanne N. Gakungu


Volume-3 Issue-3, July 2013

Volume-3 Issue-3, July 2013, ISSN: 2231-2307 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

Image Watermarking using Wavelet Denoising Method
Kalpana Bhelotkar1, Sandeep B. Patil2

Identity Disclosure Protection in Slicing for Privacy Preservation
M. Senthil Raja1, D.Vidyabharathi2

An Enhanced Energy Efficient Unequal Layered Clustering Algorithm for Large Scale Wireless Sensor Networks
Rajalakshmi Somasundaram1, Tharani Thangavel2

Density of Defect
Uthaya Vasanthan.S1, Karthikeyan.B2

Optimum Security Service for Heterogeneous Multicast Receivers
Antony Sagaya Jeyanthi1, K.C.Nishitha2

A Framework for Ontology Based Knowledge Management
Sunitha Abburu1, G Suresh Babu2

Design and Implementation of a FLC for DC-DC Converter in a Microcontroller for PV System
Abel García B.1, Francisco R. Trejo-M.2, Felipe Coyotl-M.3, Rubén Tapia-O.4, Hugo Romero-T.5

Intelligent and Superior Vedic Multiplier for FPGA Based Arithmetic Circuits
Virendra Babanrao Magar

A Study of Different QoS Management Techniques in Cloud Computing
Mandeep Devgan1, Kanwalvir Singh Dhindsa2

Energy Efficient Routing Algorithm for Mobile Adhoc Networks – A Survey
Mrs.J.Nandhini1, D.Sharmila2

BCI Based Wheelchair Control Using Steady State Visual Evoked Potentials and Support Vector Machines
Rajesh Singla1, Haseena B.A2

Image Compression Based on Hybrid Wavelet Transform Generated using Orthogonal Component Transforms of Different Sizes
H.B. Kekre1, Tanuja Sarode2, Prachi Natu3

Software Testing Estimation using Soft Computing Techniques
Amarpal Singh1, Piyush Saxena2, Abhishek Singhal3

A Novel Presentation of Graph Coloring Problems Based on Parallel Genetic Algorithm
Saideh Naderi1, Masoud Jabbarian2, Vahid Sattari Naeini3

Geometry and Strength of a Shell of Velaroidal Type on Annulus Plan with Two Families of Sinusoids
Krivoshapko S. N.1, Gil-Oulbe MAthieu2

Design and Development of Abstractness in Graph Mining Technique using Structural Datum
S.P.Victor1, M. Antony Sundar Singh2

WSN Applications: Automated Intelligent Traffic Control System Using Sensors
Rashid Hussian1, Sandhya Sharma2,Vinita Sharma3, Sandhya Sharma4

Interactive Search over XML Data to Obtain Top-K Results
Ch. Lavanya Susanna

System Design for Baseline Wander Removal of ECG Signals with Empirical Mode Decomposition Using Matlab
Sasikumar Gurumurthy1, Valarmozhi2

Algorithm for Person Detection in Adaptive Background Using Matlab Platform
Suryakant Kaiwart

Review on Digital Stethoscope
Kuldeep Singh1, Preeti Abrol2, Neelam Rathi3

Real Time Object Tracking Using Different Mean Shift Techniques–a Review
Snekha1, Chetna Sachdeva2, Rajesh Birok3

Artificial Neural Networks- Growth & Learn: A Survey
Apoorvi Sood

Effective System Identification Using Fused Network and DE Based Training Scheme
Saikat Singha Roy1, Joyshri Das2, Susovan Mondal3

Performance Analysis of Parallel Interference Cancellation (PIC) Over Rayleigh Channel In DS- CDMA Systems
Sanmati Jain1, Sandeep Agrawal2, Asif Iqbal3

Securing MANET Using Artificial Neural Networks
Manisha1, Partibha Yadav2

Burst Fragmentation Model Based on Sequential Burst Allocation Algorithm for Mobile WiMAX
Zaid G. Ali1, R. B Ahmad2, Abid Yahya3

Africa on the Way to Global Wireless Digital Television
Tristan Daladier Engouang1, Liu Yun2

Interference Cencellation for Ds-Ss Using Rectagular Window Ltv Filter and Sliding Discrete Time Fourier Transforms (Dstft) Techniques
N.Murugendrappa1, A.G Ananth2

The Role of an Information Retrieval in the Current Era of Vast Computer Science Stream
Prakash S1, Shashidhara HR2, G.T.Raju3

Implementation of Area Efficient OFDM Transceiver on FPGA
Preeti.G.Biradar1, Uma reddy.N.V2

AASLTU: An Advanced System for Location Tracking and Updating
Muthu1, Vinothkumar2, Einstein3, Subala4

Comparative Analysis of RFID and Wireless Home/Office Automation
Manasee Patil1, S.R.N. Reddy2

Hybridizing Filters and Wrapper Approaches for Improving the Classification Accuracy of Microarray Dataset
Ahmed Soufi Abou-Taleb1, Ahmed Ahmed Mohamed2, Osama Abdo Mohamed3, Amr Hassan Abedelhalim4

Investigation on the Influence of Basalt Short Fiber on Thermo-Physical Properties of Aluminium Metal Matrix Composites
S.Ezhil Vannan1, S.Paul Vizhian2

Optimization of Object-Oriented Metrics Using Hopfield Neural Network
Vijay Pal Dhaka1, Swati Agrawal2

Efficient Fingerprint Recognition System using Pseudo 2D Hidden Markov Model
Parvathi R1, Shanthi Saravanan D2

Modeling of AC Contactors to Improve Life
Liping Guo1, Aleck W. Leedy2, Sidney Schaaf 3, Brian Backs4, Mark Gabatino5, Nathan James6, Mike Pintozzi7

A State of Art on Design of Low Cost Transceiver for Data Acquisition in WSN
S.R.Madkar1, R.K.Prasad2

A Novel Approach for Grid Service Reliability Modeling Optimal Task Scheduling Perceiving Fault Recovery
Nana Kacharu Zalte1, Roshan M. Pandav2

Improving Accuracy in Mitchell’s Logarithmic Multiplication Using Iterative Multiplier for Image Processing Application
Deeksha R Shetty1, Savitha Patil2

Effect of Negative Electrostatic Field Treatment on Germination of Seeds Soaked GA3
Antonio Piras1, Zhibin Gui2, Limin Qiao3, Kai Gui4, Yongxiang Fan5

Neural Network Model for Prediction of Ground Water Level in Metropolitan Considering Rainfall-Runoff as a Parameter
Sanjeev Kumar1, Ajay Indian2, Zubair Khan3

Implementation of OFDM Transmitter and Receiver Using FPGA
Nasreen Mev1, Brig. R.M. Khaire2

Performance Evaluation of Bins Approach in YCbCr Color Space with and without Scaling
H. B. Kekre1, Kavita Sonawane2

Area Estimation and Design Analysis of Gaussian Pulse Shaping Filter
Rajesh Mehra1, Ginne2

An Efficient Novel TANAN’s Algorithm for Solving Economic Load Dispatch Problems
R.Subramanian1, K.Thanushkodi2

Experimenting with the Java Computer Language in Engineering Calculations: Application to Statically Indeterminate, Rigid, Multi-Bearing Shaft Analysis
Tonye K. Jack1, Gbanaibolou Jombo2

Comparative Study of Selected Data Mining Algorithms Used For Intrusion Detection
Ajayi Adebowale1, Idowu S.A2, Anyaehie Amarachi A3

Clustering of Personalized Documents from the Web by Personal Name Aliases
Sucheta Kokate1, D. G. Chougule2, Manjiri Kokate3

Comparing and Evaluating Open Source E-learning Platforms
Fakhreldeen Abbas Saeed

Multicast and Multipath Based on Batch Signature Scheme on Adhoc Networks
Satish K1, Anand R2, Jitendranath Mungara3

Performance Analysis of Agent based IPSM for Windows based Operating Systems
Deepshikha Bhargava1, Madhavi Sinha2

Segmentation of Touching Conjunct Consonants in Telugu using Minimum Area Bounding Boxes
J. Bharathi1, P. Chandrasekar Reddy2

Use of Fuzzy C-Mean and Fuzzy Min-Max Neural Network in Lung Cancer Detection
Kiran S. Darne1, Suja S. Panicker2

Implementation of Data Encryption Standard Using Reversible Gate Logic
Nuthan.A.C1, Nagaraj.C2, Havyas.V.B3

Advanced Signal Processing Of Radar Wind Profiler Using Wavelet Transform Techniques
M. Krupa Swaroopa Rani1, P. Jagadamba2, G. Kiran Kumar3

ICI Cancellation Using Zero-Padded Conjugate Transmission with Adaptive Receiver for OFDM Systems
Amandeep Kaur1, Garima Saini2

Converting UML Description of Software Architecture to QNM and Performance Evaluation
Rahmat Zolfaghari

Mobile Robot Floor Navigation using RGB+D and Stereo Cameras
K. Al-Mutib1, E. Mattar2, M. AlSulaiman3, H. Ramdane4, M. Emaduddin5


Volume-3 Issue-2, May 2013

Volume-3 Issue-2, May 2013, ISSN: 2231-2307 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

Detention Pond Phosphorus Loadings Uncertainty Using Fuzzy Logic
Supiah Shamsudin1, AzmiAb Rahman2, Zaiton Haron3, Anieziatun Aqmal Puteh Ahmad4

Analysis of Ka Band DDR Impatt Diode Based On Different Solidstate Materials
A. Banerjee1, M. Mitra2

Novel T-Shaped Planar Dual Band Antenna with Slotted Ground for ISM/WLAN Operations
Anuja Jadhav1, Nikhil Borawake2, Pradnya Shinde3, Vishal Bharate4

Data Migration Across The Clouds
Prashant Pant1, Sanjeev Thakur2

Comparative Studies on Exhaust Emissions from a High Grade Low Heat Rejection Diesel Engine with Carbureted Alcohol and Crude Jatropha Oil
V.V.R. Seshagiri Rao1, T. Kishen Kumar Reddy2, M.V.S. Murali Krishna3, P.V. Krishna Murthy4

Path Planning of Intelligent Mobile Robot Using Modified Genetic Algorithm
Nadia Adnan Shiltagh1, Lana Dalawr Jalal2

A Feature Selection Method Based on ∩ – Fuzzy Similarity Measures Using Multi Objective Genetic Algorithm
Hassan Nosrati Nahook1, Mahdi Eftekhari2

Fuzzy Rule Based Feature Extraction and Classification of Time Series Signal
Sandya H. B.1, Hemanth Kumar P.2, Himanshi Bhudiraja3, Susham K. Rao4

Real Time GPS Tracking System for Transport Operations
Vimlesh Ramesh Bhat1, Ashu Vashishtha2, Naina Goel3, Laxmi R. Sisode4

Multi-Trust_OrBAC: Access Control Model for Multi-Organizational Critical Systems Migrated To the Cloud
Mustapha Ben Saidi1, Abderrahim Marzouk2

Effective Admission Procedure and Quality Teaching For Programmes Offered In Distance Learning Mode Using Edusat Satellite Based Education
Daulat Singh1, Rakesh Shrivastava2, Dinesh Varshney3

Survey on Authentication Password Techniques
Priti Jadhao1, Lalit Dole2

Hybridization of Otsu Method and Median Filter for Color Image Segmentation
Firas Ajil Jassim1, Fawzi H. Altaani2

Effects of Photo Illumination on Diamond Based DDR IMPATT Diode Operating at MM-wave Frequency Band
B. Chakrabarti1, D. Ghosh2, M. Mitra3

Selective Harmonic Elimination of Multilevel Inverter Using SHEPWM Technique
B. Ashok1, A.Rajendran2

Sensorless Rotor Position Estimation of Switched Reluctance Motor Drive Using Computational Intelligence Techniques
S.kanagavalli1, A.Rajendran2

A Simulation Model for Corner Detection in Fruits Foveated Images
K. L. Neela1, P. Mercy Nesa Rani2, T. Rajesh3

A Novel Rom-less Direct Digital Frequency Synthesizer based on Euler Infinite Series
U.Dinesh1, Aravind Ram.S2, M.Hariharan3, K.Hariharan4

Reduction of Complexity for Estimating the Open Loop Pitch of the CS-ACELP Codec
Abhijit Maidamwar1, D.Marotakar2, Manisha Khorgade3, Swati Sorte4

Multi-objective Linear Programming Problems involving Fuzzy Parameters
Purnima Pandit

A Novel DFT Spreading Technique for Reduction of Peak- to-Average Power Ratio (PAPR) in OFDM Systems
Soumik Basak1, Koustav Sarkar2, Deepak Kumar3, Sudarshan Chakravorty4

Simplified Model for Representing Dynamic Textures using Markov Model
Tong Fu1, Di Yin2, Li Xiaoli3, Chen Hui4

Additional Authentication and Authorization using Registered Email-ID for Cloud Computing
Abdelmajid Hassan Mansour Emam

Tracking Multiple Moving Objects Using Gaussian Mixture Model
D. Hari Hara Santosh1, P. Venkatesh2, P. Poornesh3, L. Narayana Rao4, N. Arun Kumar5

Field Strength Predicting Outdoor Models
Pranjali Raturi1, Aarti Pandey2

A Novel Direct Power Control of 3phase Induction Multi Motor Drive with AFF
S. Elangovan1, K. Thanushkodi2

Crew Scheduling Management System
Dasari Sowmya1, Vemu Samson Deva Kumar2, Ch.V.Phani Krishna3

Small Secret Exponent Attack on Multiprime RSA
Santosh Kumar R1, Narasimham Ch2, Pallam Setty S3

Speed Control of S.E.D.C. Motor by Using Pi and Fuzzy Logic Controller

Memetic Algorithm: Hybridization of Hill Climbing with Selection Operator
Rakesh Kumar1, Sanjay Tyagi2, Manju Sharma3

Robust code based Fault Tolerant Architecture using OFB mode for Onboard EO satellites
G.Ramadevi1, R.Sujatha2

Optimal Tuning of Fractional Order PID Controller for DC Motor Speed Control Using Particle Swarm Optimization
Ankit Rastogi1, Pratibha Tiwari2

Performance Evaluation by Fuzzy Inference Technique
Shruti S Jamsandekar1, R.R Mudholkar2

Embedded Fuzzy Module for Sugar Industrial Boiler Parameter Control
Hanamane M. D.1, Attar K. D.2, Mudholkar R. R.3

Real Time Servo Motor Control of Single Rotary Inverted Pendulum Using Dspace
R.Ramesh1, S.Balamurugan2, P.Venkatesh3

Improving the Productivity of Lever Combination Switch using Continuous Improvement Process
Anil Kumar1, Sanjay Kumar Bagri2

A Complexity Metric for Black Box Components
Navneet Kaur1, Ashima Singh2

Comprehensive Study of Weighted Sequential Pattern Mining
Niti Desai1, Amit Ganatra2

Securing RJSON data between Middleware and Smart phones through Java Script based Cryptographic Agorithms
Mandeep Singh1, Kanwalvir Singh Dhindsa2

Turn Prohibition Routing Investigation for Irregular, 2D-Mesh and 3D-Mesh Based Network on Chip
Naveen Choudhary

Hybrid State Estimation Approach for the Optimal Placement of Phasor Measurement Units
S. Gayathri1, R. Meenakumari2

Comparison of Constant SUGENO-Type and MAMDANI-Type Fuzzy Inference System for Load Sensor
Vandna Kamboj1, Amrit Kaur2

FPGA Based Adaptive Filter Design Using Least PTH-Norm Technique
Srishtee Chaudhary1, Rajesh Mehra2

An Adaptive Learning System Based on Ant Colony Algorithm
Abhishek Kumar1, J.E. Nalavade2, Vinay Yeola3, Vishal Vivek4, Yatharth Srivastava5

Network Security-Proposals
A. Swetha1, Y. Madhavi Latha2

Comparison of Fuzzy Logic and NEURO Fuzzy Algorithms for Load Sensor
Monika1, Amrit Kaur2

Improved EEG Source Localization for an Isotropic Multi – Spherical Head Model
Nikita Gupta1, Swapna Devi2

A Novel Method for Patient Centric Secure and Scalable sharing of PHR in Cloud Computing using Encryption
Shaheen Taj S.A1, Prathibha Kiran2, Elavarasi3

A Survey of Logic Based Distributed Routing for On-Chip Interconnection Networks
Naveen Choudhary1, Chand Mal Samota2

Automatic Keyword Extraction From Any Text Document Using N-gram Rigid Collocation
Bidyut Das1, Subhajit Pal2, Suman Kr. Mondal3, Dipankar Dalui4, Saikat Kumar Shome5

Study and Analysis of Scientific Scopes, Issues and Challenges towards Developing a Righteous Wireless Body Area Netrkwo
Shah Murtaza Rashid Al Masud

Novel Crossover Operator for Genetic Algorithm for Permutation Problems
Rakesh Kumar1, Girdhar Gopal2, Rajesh Kumar3

Implementing Security Consideration in Dynamic Source Routing
Swati Dhull1, Deepender Dhull2, Swati Juneja3

Study of Variation in TSP using Genetic Algorithm and Its Operator Comparison
Shalini Singh1, Ejaz Aslam Lodhi2

PAPR Reduction Technique Using Advanced Peak Windowing Method of OFDM System
Harish Kumar Pal1, Anand Kumar Singh2

Modeling of bidding Strategies for Power Suppliers and Large Consumers in Electricity Market with Risk Analysis
K. Asokan1, R. Ashok Kumar2

2- Bit Comparator Using Different Logic Style of Full Adder
Vandana Choudhary Rajesh Mehra

Persuasive Cued Click Points with Click Draw Based Graphical Password Scheme
P. R. Devale1, Shrikala M. Deshmukh2, Anil B. Pawar3

New Energy Efficient Approach for Underwater Acoustic Networks
Manpreet Singh1, Loveleen Kaur2

A Survey Report on Various Cryptanalysis Techniques
Ashish Kumar Kendhe1, Himani Agrawal2

A Novel High ICMR and High Frequency Response of an Inverting Summing OpAmp
Dhanalakshmi Manikyam1, Ganesh Kumar Ganjakunta2

Three Phase to Three Phase Direct Matrix Converter using SPWM Technique
Sharon D. Ronald1, A. Sheela2, S. Josephin Mary3

Effect of Microwaves Treated Brassica Seeds on IR Irradiated Spectrum
Akhil Gupta1, Randhir Singh2, Parveen Lehana3

Predicting the Value of a Target Attribute Using Data Mining
Ravijeet Singh Chauhan

Leveling of DEM Generated from Satellite Data for Mosaicking
Gaurav Vashisth1, A. D. Prasad2

Rainwater Harvesting Design Uncertainty Using Fuzzy Logic
Supiah Bt Shamsudin1, Azmi Ab Rahman2, Zaiton Bt Haron3, Salisu Danazumi4, Siti Hawa Bt Jalil5, Mohd Azizi B Zakaria6

Harmonics & Its Mitigation Technique by Passive Shunt Filter
Kuldeep Kumar Srivastava1, Saquib Shakil2, Anand Vardhan Pandey3

Performance Analysis of Different Feed Forward Networks in Non-Linear Classification

Client and Data Confidentiality in Cloud Computing Using Fragmentation Method
Thota Reshma Kishore1, D.Akhila Devi2, S.Prathyusha3, D.Bhagyasri4, Bhuma Naresh5

Transaction Management Policy in Distributed Real Time System
Bandaru Vishnu Roopini1, Akkireddy Lakshmi Harika2, Kurra Manasa Devi3, Jaladi Raja Sree4

Cluster Analysis of Behavior of E-learners
Mandeep Kaur1, Kewal krishan2

Low Voltage, High Bandwidth & Input Impedance CMOS Differential Amplifier at NANO Scale
Adil Zaidi1, Divakar Veer Vikram Singh2, Firoz, Dileep Kumar3, Veerandra Pratap4

Ensuring User Security and Data Integrity in Multi-Cloud
Kavitha Murugesan1, Shilpa Sudheendran2

Therapeutic Motion Analysis of Lower Limbs Using Kinovea
C. H. Guzmán-Valdivia1, A. Blanco-Ortega2, M.A. Oliver-Salazar3, J.L. Carrera-Escobedo4

Isolated Bidirectional Full-Bridge DC–DC Converter with a Flyback Snubber
Chitanya1, K.Sowjanya2, P.Raghavendran3

Comparison among four Modified Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization for Task Scheduling in Heterogeneous Computing Systems
S.Sarathambekai1, K.Umamaheswari2

Investigation of Overlap Ratio for Savonius Type Vertical Axis Hydro Turbine
Patel C.R.1, Patel V.K.2, Prabhu S.V.3, Eldho T.I.4

Password Authentication Scheme Based On Shape and Text for Secure Sharing Of PHR Using ABE in Cloud
Kavitha Murugesan1, Anjana.T.K2

An Automatic Debugging Tool Extension for Object Oriented Softwares
D.M.Thakore1, Tanveer S Beg2

Fuzzy Inventory Model for Deteriorating Items with Shortages under Fully Backlogged Condition
D. Dutta1, Pavan Kumar2

Compatibility Estimation for Component Based Software Engineering
Nishant Gupta1, Dhawaleswar Rao2

To Improve Security in Cloud Computing with Intrusion detection system using Neural Network
Richa Sondhiya1, Maneesh Shreevastav2, Mahendra Mishra3

Chemical Sensors Employed In Electronic Noses: A Review
Syeda Erfana Zohora1, A.M.Khan2, A.K.Srivastava3, Nisar Hundewale4

Adaptive Filtering and Voice Compression Using Neural Networks
Kalyan Chatterjee1, Mandavi2, Prasannjit3, Nilotpal Mrinal4, Vikash Kumar Saw5, Kumari Rupmala6, Priyadarshani7

Quantum Circuit Automatic Synthesizer (QCAS)
Ali Moghadaszadeh1, Majid Mohamadi2, Ali Akbar Niknafs3, Peyman Keshavarzian4

An Equivalence Relation to Reduce Data Redundancy Based on Fuzzy Object Oriented Database System
Sujoy Dutta1, Laxman Sahoo2, Debasis Dwibedy3

Survey of Load Balancing Approachs in Peer-To-Peer Network
Vishakha Patange1, D.D.Gatade2

Identification of Handwritten Simple Mathematical Equation Based on SVM and Projection Histogram
Sanjay S. Gharde1, Pallavi V. Baviskar1, K. P. Adhiya1

Principal Components Analysis Based Iris Recognition and Identification System
E. Mattar

Suitable Areas for Economic Crops Based on GIS and Physical Land Evaluation Model
Teerawong Laosuwan1, Satith Sangpradid2, Poramate Chunpang3

QoS and Cost Aware Service Brokering Using Pattern Based Service Selection in Cloud Computing
Mandeep Devgan1, Kanwalvir Singh Dhindsa2


Volume-3 Issue-1, March 2013

Volume-3 Issue-1, March 2013, ISSN: 2231-2307 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

High Performance Simulator Analyzing the Efficient Cache Memory Simulation Behavior
Manoj Kumar Jain1, Ravi Khatwal2

On a r – GCD-Sum Function Over r-Regular Integers Modulo nr
V. Siva Rama Prasad1, P. Anantha Reddy2, M.Ganeshwar Rao3

A Novel Radio over Fiber System for Long Haul Single-Mode-Fiber Transmission
Anindya Sundar Das1, Banibrata Bag2, Akinchan Das3, Ardhendu Sekhar Patra4

InGaAs/GaAs HEMT for High Frequency Applications
N V Uma Reddy1, M V Chaitanya Kumar2

Tuning Of PID Controller Of Inverted Pendulum Using Genetic Algorithm
K.Chakraborty1, R. R. Mukherjee2, S.Mukherjee3

High Performance Optimization of Low Power Multi -Threshold Voltage Using Level Converters

A Comparative Analysis of Controllers Controlling Uncertainty in the Form of 2nd Order Load, Affecting the Robust Position Control of DC Motor
Er. Farhad Aslam1, Er. Birendra Kumar Yadav2, Ram Sharan Choudhary3, Gopal Kumar Choudhary4

Real-Time Software Profiler for Embedded Systems
Medhat H. A. Awadalla1, Kareem Ezz El-Deen2

Bug Tracking and Reporting System
A.S.Syed Fiaz1, N.Devi2, S.Aarthi3

Improvement in End-to-End delay and Energy Consumption using Routing Algorithms in Wireless Sensor Network
Sunita1, O.S Khanna2, Amandeep Kaur3

An Efficient Firefly Algorithm to Solve Economic Dispatch Problems
R.Subramanian1, K.Thanushkodi2

Short Term Load Forecasting using Artificial Neural Network
Amera Ismail Melhum1, Lamya abd allateef Omar2, Sozan Abdulla Mahmood3

Exact Solutions of Time Dependent Korteweg-de Vries Equation by The Extended Unified Method
H. I. Abdel-Gawad1, Mohamed Osman2, Nasser S. Elazab3

SVPWM Based DTC of OEWIM Drive Fed With Four Level Inverter with Asymmetrical DC Link Voltages
G. Satheesh1, T. Bramhananda Reddy2, CH. Sai Babu3

Clustered Evaluation of Implementing Fuzziness and Uncertainty in Deception Detection with the Randomness Bridge for the Teenager Communication System
S.Rajkumar1, V.Narayani2

An Approach for the Assessment of the Information Security and Its Measures
Kiran Kumar Kommineni1, Adimulam Yesu Babu2

Multi-Agent Secure Dynamic Carpooling
Deepak B. Nagare1, Kishor L. More2, Nitin S. Tanwar3, S.S.Kulkarni4

Image Information Retrieval Using Wavelet and Curvelet Transform
Muzhir Shaban Al-Ani1, Abdulrahman Dira Khalaf2

Exhaust Emissions and Combustion Characteristics of Jatropha Oil in Crude Form and Biodiesel of Low Heat Rejection Diesel Engine
N. Janardhan1, P.Ushasri2, M.V.S. Murali Krishna3, P.V.K. Murthy4

Design & Implementation of PID Controller Based On FPGA with PWM Modulator
Rajesh Nema1, Rajeev Thakur2, Ruchi Gupta3

Web Browsing Behaviors Based Age Detection
Misha Kakkar1, Divya Upadhyay2

Transient Thermal Analysis of Pulsed Silicon SDR IMPATT at 35 GHz
L. P. Mishra1, A. Acharyya2,M. Mitra3

Providing E-Governance Services To Technologically Challenged Grassroots Environments
Okoronkwo M. C1, Monica N. Agu2

Enhanced Object Tracking Using Davinci Processors
J. Navin Sankar1, S. Mary Joans2, S. J. Grace Shoba3, A. Arun4

Soft Computation Based Topographic Map Legend Understanding Prototype System
Nikam Gitanjali Ganpatrao1, Jayanta Kumar Ghosh2

A Study and Simulation of Cloudburst event Over Uttarkashi Region using River Tool and Geomatic Techniques
V.V.Govind Kumar1, Kamal Jain2, Ajay Gairola3

Intellectual Behavior of a Group of Wild Animals: A Computational Intelligence Study
Avtar Singh Buttar1, Ashok Kumar Goel2, Shakti Kumar3

A Study on Security Requirements in Different Cloud Frameworks
Ramandeep Kaur1, Pushpendra Kumar Pateriya2

Bit-Mask Based Compression of FPGA Bitstreams
S.Vigneshwaran1, S.Sreekanth2

Multi-Sensor Based Forest Fire Detection System
Parul Mohindru1, Rajdeep Singh2

A Hybrid Approach Based On Association Rule Mining and Rule Induction in Data Mining
Kapil Sharma1, Sheveta Vashisht2, Heena Sharma3, Richa Dhiman4, Jasreena Kaur Bains5

Segmentation of Image Using Enhanced Morphological Gradient Hit Method
D.Gladiya Lincy1, S.Mary Joans2

Analysis of PSO and Hybrid PSO in Calculation of Epileptic Risk Level in EEG
R.Harikumar1, T.Vijayakumar2, R.Kasthuri3

In-Silico Identification of LTR type Retrotransposons and Their Transcriptional Activities in Solanum Tuberosum
Chandra Bhan Yadav1, Himansu Narayan Singh2

Novel Design of High Polarized Inverter Using Minimum Number of Rotated Cells and Related Kink Energy Calculation in Quantum dot Cellular Automata
Angshuman Khan1, Ratna Chakrabarty2

Feeding Techniques to Improve Bandwidth of MPA
Meenu Chinwan1, Harshpreet Kaur2

Design of High Speed Ladner-Fischer Based Carry Select Adder
Pakkiraiah Chakali1, Madhu Kumar Patnala2

Design of Ladner-Fischer and Beaumont-Smith Adders Using Degenerate Pass Transistor Logic
Adilakshmi Siliveru1, M. Bharathi2

A New Approach to Object Based Fuzzy Database Modeling
Debasis Dwibedy1, Laxman Sahoo2, Sujoy Dutta3

Data Security in Cloud based on Trusted Computing Environment
Vijay. G.R1, A.Rama Mohan Reddy2

Speed Regulation of DC Drive Using Mobile Communication
Shakti Bajaj1, Ravinder Kumar Bhataia2, J. Sandeep Soni3

Technique for Searching of Similar Code Segments
Akshat Agrawal1, Sumit Kumar Yadav2

Homer Optimization Based Solar PV; Wind Energy and Diesel Generator Based Hybrid System.
Ajay Sharma1, Anand Singh2, Manish Khemariya3

Enhanced Control of Power System by Using Smart Grid and Possibility of Applying it in Iraq
Mohammed Hammed Yasen

Various Attacks in Wireless Sensor Network: Survey
K.Venkatraman1, J.Vijay Daniel2, G.Murugaboopathi3

Study on Cloud Computing and Security Approaches
G. Murugaboopathi1, C.Chandravathy2, P. Vinoth Kumar3

Evolving a New Software Development Life Cycle Model SDLC-2013 with Client Satisfaction
Naresh Kumar1, A. S. Zadgaonkar2, Abhinav Shukla3

Fuzzy Logic Based Alternate Routing Scheme for the Minimization of Connection Set up Time and Blocking Rate in WDM Optical Network
Abdur Rahaman Sardar1, J. K. Sing2, Subir Kumar Sarkar3

Flexible AC Transmission Devices as a Means for Transmission Line Congestion Management -A Bibliographical Survey
N. Ashok Kumar1, M. Rathina Kumar2, M.Yogesh3

Reliability and Availability Analysis of Database System with Standby Unit Provided by the System Provider
Sukhvir Singh1, Rahul Rishi2, Gulshan Taneja3, Amit Manocha4

Reliability and Availability Analysis of Database System with Standby Unit Provided by the System Provider
Sukhvir Singh1, Rahul Rishi2, Gulshan Taneja3, Amit Manocha4

Mobile Positioning System Using a Mathematical Approach
Akansha Rao1, Vijay Trivedi2, Vineet Richaria3

Modelling and Simulation of Grid Connected Wind Energy System
D Mary1, Shinosh Mathew2, Sreejith K3

Low Power Configuration Logic Block Design Using Asynchronous Static
Debarshi Datta1, Partha Mitra2, Avisek Sen3

Efficient VLSI Architectures of Split-Radix FFT using New Distributed Arithmetic
Ansuman DiptiSankar Das1, Abhishek Mankar2, N Prasad3, K. K. Mahapatra4, Ayas Kanta Swain5

Performance of BER for BPSK and DPSK (Coherent and Non-Coherent) Modulation in Turbo-Coded OFDM with Channel Equalization
Saruti Gupta1, Geetanjali Wassson2

Optimal Ordering Policy for Stock-Dependent Demand Inventory Model with Non-Instantaneous Deteriorating Items
Kumar Karan Gupta1, Aditya Sharma2, Parth Raj Singh3, A K Malik4

Improving The Sink Roll Life In Galvalume Using Material AT101 & The various Thermal-Spray Coating on SS3l6L Roll Surface
Saurabh A. Bobde1, S.D. Kshirsagar2

Thermal Study of Viscoelastic Material between Two Rotating Concentric Annuli: Application at Drilling Process
Meriem Amoura1, Noureddine Zeraibi2

Power Optimization Technique for Pulsed Latches
P.Sreenivasulu1, K.Srinivasa Rao2, J.I.R Prakash3, A.Vinaya babu4

Unite Clinic: Connecting Clinics Online
Supriya Dadabhau Tambe1, Nikhil Gorksh Pawar2, Mahadev Sudhakar Garad3, Sagar Ravindra Patil4

An Overview of Digital Watermarking Techniques
Barun K. Pandhwal1, Devendra S. Chaudhari2

Reducing Delay Data Dissemination Using Mobile Sink in Wireless Sensor Networks
Dattatray S. Waghole1, Vivek S. Deshpande2

Amigos: Social Networking with Advertisement Management
Devika Joshi1, Rutuja Kulkarni2, Arundhati Rao3, Pooja Wagh4, Roma Kudale5

Digital ANFIS Model Design
Prasad R. Pande1, Prashant L. Paikrao2, Devendra S. Chaudhari3

A Meliorated Defense Mechanism for Flooding Based Attacks
Gayatri Bhatti1, Upma Goyal2, Prabhdeep Singh3

Control of Irrigation Automatically By Using Wireless Sensor Network
Rashid Hussain1, JL Sahgal2, Anshulgangwar3, Md.Riyaj4

Significance of Data Warehousing and Data Mining in Business Applications
Madhuri V. Joseph

Modeling Of Transport Phenomena in A PEM Fuel Cell
Kerkoub Youcef1, Kerboua Ziari Yasmina2, Benzaoui Ahmed3

Microcontroller Based Mobile Platform with Fiber Optic Sensors

A Proposed Framework to Implicit Measures of User Interests through Country and Predicting Users’ Future Requests in WWW
Pragya Rajput1, Joy Bhattacharjee2, Roopali Soni3

Mining Technique Defined For Improving User- Based Recommendations in Diverse Environment (MTIURD)
Sangeetha G M1, Prasanna Kumar M2

Comparative Study of Test DrivenDevelopment with Traditional Techniques
Shaweta Kumar1, Sanjeev Bansal2

Comparison and Monitoring of Glacier Retreat using Satellite and Ground Methods
Asha Thapliyal1, M.M. Kimothi2

Wind Turbine Transient Stability Improvement in Power System Using PWM Technique and Fuzzy Controller
S.Radha Krishna Reddy1, JBV Subrahmanyam2, A. Srinivasula Reddy3

Estimation of Software Quality by using fuzzy (FIS)
Pinky Chandwal1, A. S. Zadgaonkar2, Abhinav Shukla3

Single Image Super-Resolution VIA Iterative Back Projection Based Canny Edge Detection and a Gabor Filter Prior
Rujul R Makwana1, Nita D Mehta2

Efficient and Enhanced Algorithm in Cloud Computing
Tejinder Sharma1, Vijay Kumar Banga2

A Cloud Storage System with Data Confidentiality and Data Forwarding
N. Jenefa1, J. Jayalakshmi2

Efficient Solution for SQL Injection Attack Detection and Prevention
Munqath H. Alattar1, S.P. Medhane2