Volume-5 Issue-6, January 2016

Volume-5 Issue-6, January 2016, ISSN: 2231-2307 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

Assessment of Health and Safety Management on Construction Sites in Kenya
Stephen Diang’a1, Wanyona Githae2, Ng’ang’a Kibe3

Comparative Analysis of Rainfall Prediction Models Using Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic
Afolayan Abimbola Helen1, Ojokoh Bolanle A.2, Falaki Samuel O.3

Design and Implementation of an IntegratedRadar and Communication System for Smart Vehicle
D. Mondal1, R. Bera, M. Mitra2

Assessment of Strategies for Practices of Quality Management in Construction Projects. A Review of the Knowledge for Practice
Patrick Kanini Ngata1, Githae Wanyona2, Anthony Kiplimo3

An Assessment of the Significant Bottlenecks Towards Adoption of Information and Communication Technology by Kenyan Building Contractors
Elias Nyaga Nelson1, Ahmad Omar Alkizim2, Anthony Kiplimo Mutai3

Experimental Investigation of Performance Parameters of Direct Injection Diesel Engine Fuelled with Diesel and Ethanol Blends
Saadi Turied Kurdi1, Hassan Abad al-wahab Anjal2, Hussein Ahmed Abd Yaqoob3

On-line Computer Test System for Remote Assessment of Neurological Patients: Part A Standard Computer Interface Application
Peter Dabnichki1, Dilshat Djumanov2

Modified SLM Combined with Interleaving and Pulse Shaping Method for PAPR Reduction using DCT and IDCT in MIMO-OFDM System
S. Sujatha1, P. Raja2, P. Dananjayan3

Advanced Two-State Compressing Algorithm: A Versatile, Reliable and Low-Cost Computational Method for ECG Wireless Applications
Duong Trong Luong1, Nguyen Minh Duc2, Nguyen Tuan Linh3, Nguyen Thai Ha4, Nguyen Duc Thuan5

Boundedness and Convergence of Batch Gradient Method for Training Pi-Sigma Neural Network with Inner-Penalty and Momentum
Kh. Sh. Mohamed1, Xiong Yan2, Zhengxue Li3, Z. A. Habtamu4, Abdrhaman. M. Adam5

Modified Landweber Algorithm for Deblur and Denoise Images
Fagun Vankawala1, Amit Ganatra2

Volume-5 Issue-5, November 2015

Volume-5 Issue-5, November 2015, ISSN: 2231-2307 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

Particle Swarm Optimization Approach to Harmonic Reduction in Voltage Source Multilevel Inverter
Adeyemo I. A1, Okediran, O. O2, Oyeleye, C. A3.

Modeling of Price Elasticity in Optimal Bidding Strategies by using Artificial Bee Colony (ABC)
V. Madhu Sudana Reddy1, B. Subramanyam2, M. Surya Kalavathi3

Questions Related to Uncertainty of Requirements Prioritization
Persis Voola

Monetary and Fiscal Policy Factors That Affect Construction Output in Kenya
Emmanuel Thyaka Mbusi1, Titus Kivaa Mbiti2, Githae Wanyona3

On the Use of Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Transportation Systems
Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal

An Overview of Multimodal Biometrics Using Meta-Heuristic Optimization Techniques for F2R System
Karthikeyan Shanmugasundaram1, Ahmad Sufril Azlan Mohamed2, Ibrahim Venkat3

Development of Prosthethic Hand Hardware and Its Control System
M.H.Jali1, M.K.Alias1, R.Ghazali2, T.A.Izzuddin3, H.I.Jaafar4

A Client Centric Hadoop Ecosystem
Raj Kushal Ananth Kumar1, Pooja Singh2, Naman Pradhan3, Afroz Pasha4

A Survey on Applications of Big Data Analytics in Healthcare
Shubham Borikar1, Mohan Bhagchandani2, Raunak Kochar3, Ketansing Pardeshi4, Manisha Gahirwal5

Actuated Micro-Sensor for Magnetic Field Detection Based on Piezoresistor Transduction
Waddah Abdelbagi Talha1, Mohammed A. A. Emaleeh2, John Ojur Dennis3

Test for Efficient Increase/ Decrease Factors for Resilient Backpropagation using Combustion Engine Vibration Signals
N. D. Liyanagedera1, A. Ratnaweera2, D. I. B. Randeniya3

Tour Guide System using Augmented Reality: A Review
Umashankar Thakur1, Vaibhav Nagare2, Mita Shimpi3, Mubarak Pathan4, Nuzhat F. Shaikh5

A Comparative Study of Stanford NLP and Apache Open NLP in the view of POS Tagging
Jay Nanavati1, Yogesh Ghodasara2

Finite Element Modelling of Mixed Mode Crack Propagation
Abdulnaser M. Alshoaibi

Shape-Based Retrieval of Arbitrarily Shaped Video Objects
Mohammed Jassim Mohammed Jassim

Automatic Face Detection Using RGB Color Model for Authentication
Chiranjit Dutta1, Ranjeet Singh2

Volume-5 Issue-4, September 2015


Volume-5 Issue-4, September 2015, ISSN: 2231-2307 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

Applying Association Rules Mining Algorithms for Traffic Accidents in Dubai
Amira A. El Tayeb1, Vikas Pareek2, Abdelaziz Araar3

Web Mining in Search Engines for Improving Page Rank
Sadik Khan1, Yashpal Singh2, Ajay Kumar Sachan3

Prediction of Disease Level Using Multilayer Perceptron of Artificial Neural Network for Patient Monitoring
Md. Osman Goni Nayeem1, Maung Ning Wan2, Md. Kamrul Hasan3

A Performance Analysis of Memetic Algorithm, Genetic Algorithm and Simulated Annealing in Production System Optimization
Alireza Noroziroshan1, Shaghayegh Habibi2

CW Laser Combined with LED to Reduce the FWM in SAC-OCDMA Network
Ibrahim F. Alshammari1, Haider A. Abdulkarim2, Ali Abdulraheem Alwan3

Optimizing Service Selection in Combinatorial Auction by Resolving Non-Linear Programming Constraints
K. Uma Devi1, B. Lalitha2

Increasing Efficiency & Detailing in Analysis of Market Trends using SAS
Ruby Singh1, Chiranjit Dutta2, Ranjeet Singh3

Error Rate Testing of Training Algorithm in Back Propagation Network
Hindayati Mustafidah1, Suwarsito2

Randomness Prediction of Brain Tumor by Analyzing EEG Signal Using Approximate Entropy and Regression Analysis
Md. Kamrul Hasan1, Md. Osman Goni Nayeem2, Md. Asif Ahamed3, Maung Ning Wan4, Mohiuddin Ahmad5

An Investigation into the Factors that Influence Project Control Process in the Implementation of Construction Projects in Kenya
Cyrus Babu Ong`ondo1, Githae Wanyona2, Abednego Gwaya3

Identifying Key Risk Influencing Project Delivery in Kenya from Contractors’ Perspective
Peter Mwangi Njogu1, Alkizim Ahmad2, Abednego Gwaya3

Modelling and Control of Dynamical Systems Using Neural Network – A Review
Abubakar S. Umar1, Muntaqa D. Alhassan2, Kabiru Aminu3, Salahuddeen G. Ahmad4

Robust Video Watermarking Algorithm Using K-Harries Feature Point Detection
Harpreet Singh

Hardware Implementation of Dynamics Keystroke Applied for Cloud Computing
Basma M. Hassan1, Khaled M. Fouad2, Mahmoud F. Hassan3

Rule base-Disturbance Estimation Based Fault Diagnosis for Grid Connected PV System
Tivisha Goel

Recapitulating The Payment Default Effects to Contractors in The Kenyan Construction Industry
Mark Obegi Kenyatta1, Ahmad Omar Alkizim2, Titus Kivaa Mbiti3

A Comparative Study: Multiplier Design using Reversible Gates logic
Mark Obegi Kenyatta1, Ahmad Omar Alkizim2, Titus Kivaa Mbiti3

Exploring of Sliding Window Visualization System to Understand Flow and Error Control Mechanism of Data Link Layer
Ayushi Chaudhary

Revised Dynamic Teaching Materials Concept for Community Learning
George Moroni Teixeira Batista1, Mayu Urata2, Mamoru Endo3, Takami Yasuda4

Migration from Copper to Fiber Access Network using Passive Optical Network for Green and Dry Field Areas of Pakistan
Umar Farooq1, Sajid Bashir2, Tauseef Tasneem3, A.Saboor, A.Rauf4

Design of Area and Speed Efficient Square Root Carry Select Adder Using Fast Adders
Sanjeev. K1, Sivananda Hariprasth2, Saranya. M3, Sandhya. G4

Design of MLP-NN Classifier Block with PCA- Type of Dimensionality Reduction Technique for Assessment of State of Degradation in Stator Insulation of Induction Motor
Amit J. Modak1, H. P. Inamdar2


Volume-5 Issue-3, July 2015

Volume-5 Issue-3, July 2015, ISSN: 2231-2307 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

The Fact of use Mobile Learners at the Arab Open University in Learn Arabic language
Issa Khalil ALHasanat1, Ayman A. Rahim A. Rahman2

Implementation of Encrypted Visual Cryptographic Shares using RSA Algorithm on FPGA
Ashwini B. M1, Y. P. Gowramma2

Design and Enhancement of Space-Time Block-Code for MC-CDMA OFDM by Phase Matrix in Flat and Selective Fading Channels
Alhamzah Taher Mohammed

Broadband in the Access Network Comparison Situation in EU and BiH
Zvezdan Stojanović1, Dušan Savić2

Automatic Quality Enhancement of Radiographic Images by Fuzzy Logic
Ali Mirshahi1, Hashem Mirzaei Najafi2, Mohammad-R. Akbarzadeh-T3, Maryam Ebrahimi Nik4

A Review of Clustering Schemes for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Fraol Bekana1, J. Mehedi2

Alternative Central Mobile Application Strategy to Deaf and Dumb Education in Third World Countries
Majzoob Kamal Aldein Omer1, Mohmed Sirelkhtem Adrees2, Osama E. Sheta3

Router Node Placement in Distributed Sensor Networks: A Review of Optimized Methods
Abhishek M. Kinhekar1, Parmalik Kumar2

Hybrid Load Balancing Algorithm in Heterogeneous Cloud Environment
Hafiz Jabr Younis1, Alaa Al Halees2, Mohammed Radi3

A Performance Study of SIFT, SIFT-PCA and SIFT-LDA for Face Recognition
Sanket Panda1, Shaurya Nigam2, Rohit Kumar3, Mamatha HR4

Image Fusion Conspectus
Shalini Dutta1, Sudhakar S. Jadhav2

Performance Evaluation of Wi-Fi Physical Layer Based QoS Systems on Fiber Using OPNET Modeler
Adnan Hussein Ali

Design and Performance of Code Division Multiple Access Physical Layer Transceivers in Flat and Selective Fading Channels
Aktham Hasan Ali

M-FSK in Multi Coding and Channel Environments
Fatima Faydhe AL-Azzawi1, Saleim Hachem Farhan2, Maher Ibraheem Gamaj3

Study of Spectrum Sensing Techniques in Cognitive Radio: A Survey
Kanwaljeet Singh1, Avtar Singh Buttar2

Introducing an Intelligent Transportation System Decision Support Model for the Highways in Iran Based on Fuzzy Logic
Milad Ghanbari1, Abozar Godarzi Mehr2, Hamid Nehzat3

Relevance of Science and Technology on Environmental Commons: The Nigerian Experience
Uwa C. U1, Nwafor J. C2

Climate Change Effects on Environmental Flora in the Nigerian Terrain: Health Implications on Mankind
Uwa Clementina Ukamaka1, Nwafor J. C2

An Automated Analyzer for Users’ Anti-Phishing Behaviour within a LAN
Abdullah M. Alnajim

Predicting Behaviors of Stock Market
Adhvik Shetty1, Subham Chatterjee2, Parimala R3

Effect of Turnover on Jordanian Health Care Organizations
Ghazy Al- Hamed

Solar Energy Tracking System Using At89s52 Microcontroller and L293d Motor Driver Circuit
Battu Deepa1, M. Hemalatha2


Volume-5 Issue-2, May 2015

Volume-5 Issue-2, May 2015, ISSN: 2231-2307 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

Service Performance Evaluation for WiMAX Networks Based on Node Trajectory
Mustafa Abdulkadhim

A Simplified Design of Space Vector Modulation for Speed and Torque Control of Induction Motor
Muluneh L. Woldesemayat1, K. D. Badgujar2, Won Sangchul3

Detection and Remediation of Attack by Fake Base Stations in LTE Networks
Alanoud Al Mazroa1, Mohammed Arozullah2

Fashion Accessories using Virtual Mirror
Ekta Gupta1, Shrisha Vanga2, Sonal Kachare3, Jay Borade4

Hybrid Local Search Based Genetic Algorithm and its Practical Application
Mustafa Tunay1, Rahib H. Abiyev2

Risk Management on Construction Project
M. Manojkumar1, R. Venkateshwaran2, S. Yukesh3, S. Rajiv Gandhi4

A Modified Group Search Optimizer for Feature Selection and Parameter Determination of SVM
K. Joshil Raj1, S Siva Sathya2, Kalyan Nandi3

An Area Efficient Low Power High Speed Pulse Triggered Flip Flop Using Pass Transistor
G. Sai Manoj1, T.Sreevatsav2, V. Vidya Priyanka3, S.V.K.S. Prasad4, P.Rajesh5

Recursive Approximation Method for Solving Constrained Nonlinear Optimal Control Problems Using Legendre Polynomials
Hussein Jaddu1, Amjad Majdalawi2

Advertise with Social Discourse, as a Brand Positioning Technique: Review of Reseach with Special Reference to the Latvian Media
Aivars Helde

Removing the Problem of Screw Miss in Assembly of Lever Combination Switch using Poka-Yoke
Anil Kumar1, Vijay Mittal2

Matlab Implementation Results: Detection and Counting of Young Larvae and Juvenile by Image Enhancement and Region Growing Segmentation Approach
Valliappan Raman1, Sundresan Perumal2

Mechanical Properties of Urea Formaldehyde Resin Composites Reinforced with Bamboo, Coconut and Glass Fibers
Navdeep Sharma1, Sameer Sharma2, S.P. Guleria3, N.K. Batra4

Virtual Solar Cell Tester System Based on Modified Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Controller
Yousif Ismail Mohammed

Overview of Source Code Plagiarism in Programming Courses
Deniz Kılınç1, Fatma Bozyiğit2, Alp Kut3, Muhammet Kaya4

The Corresponding Options of TCP Variants for Fairness Problem in AD HOC Networks
Alem Čolaković1, Tarik Čaršimamović2

Classification and Categorization of Blood Infection Using Fuzzy Inference System
Harsh Khatter1, Anjali Jain2, Poonam Pandey3

A Novel Method for Analysis of EEG Signals Using Brain Wave Data Analyzer
Apeksha Rani H. M1, Prathibha Kiran2

Decision Tree Approach for Classification of Satellite Imagery
Havyas V B1, Choodarathnakara A L2, Thribhuvan R3, Chethan K S4

What Affects the Memory
Etleva Beliu1, Ermira Pajaj2

First Passage Monte-Carlo Simulation for Charge Distribution and Capacitance
Aditya Kumar Singh1, Apurva Anand2, Anindya Sundar Das3

An Energy-Efficient, Delay-Aware, Lifetime-Balancing and Data Collection Protocol for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
Merina Devi Hemam1, N.V. Uma Reddy2

A Survey to Justify the Need for Carpooling
Sweta, Sushmitha Reddy I1, Maddipatla Mounika2, Priyanka Agrawal3, Pallavi G. B4

The Brand Extension Strategy: An Analysis
Shubha Agarwal1, Govind Narain Bajpai2

Perturb and Observe (P&O) and Incremental Conductance (INC) MPPT Algorithms for PV Panels
H. Mohssine1, M. Kourchi2, H. Bouhouch F. Debbagh3

Volume-5 Issue-1, March 2015

Volume-5 Issue-1, March 2015, ISSN: 2231-2307 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

Study of 8 Bits Fast Multipliers for Low Power Applications
Vasudeva G1, Cyril Prasanna Raj P2

Secure Steganography Algorithm Based on Cellular Automata using Fibonacci Representation and Reverse Circle Cipher Application for Steganography
Nandan Makarand Deval

Detection and Segmentation of Hemorrhage Stroke using Textural Analysis on Brain CT Images
Alyaa Hussein Ali1, Shahad Imad Abdulsalam2, Ihssan Subhi Nema3

Implementation of Integrated Virtual Learning Environment Model for Schools with Limited Resources for Online Learning
Chathuri Gunathunga1, K. P. Hewagmage2

A Simplified Approach to Analyze Routing Protocols in Dynamic MANET Environment
Satveer Kaur1, Jagpal Singh Ubhi2

An Advanced Precision based Approach to String Transformation
B. Sankara Babu1, K. Rajasekhar Rao2, P. Satheesh3

Infrastructure Development in the Border and Non-Border Districts of Punjab
D. Y. Patil

The Key Issues Surrounding Electronic Commerce Information Security Management
Simon Nderitu Watuthu1, Michael Kimwele2, George Okeyo3

A Cloud Robotics Architecture with Applications to Smart Homes
José M. Reyes Álamo1, Aparicio Carranza2

Performance Test of Power Transformer Prior to Maintenance Using DGA and Grey Relational Analysis
Vikal R. Ingle1, V. T. Ingole2

A Deterministic Inventory Model For Weibull Deteriorating Items with Selling Price Dependent Demand And Parabolic Time Varying Holding Cost
Vipin Kumar1, Anupama Sharma2, C.B.Gupta3

Two Tier Security Enhancement for Wireless Protocol WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy)
D. J. Evanjaline1, P. Rajakumar2, N. Kalpana3

Detection of Rpeak Index and Characterization of QRS Complex of the ECG Signal using Virtual Instruments of Lab VIEW
Chandan Tamrakar1, Chinmay Chandrakar2, Monisha Sharma3

Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Controller for High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactor
Kushal Dinkar Badgujar1, Woldesemayat Muluneh Lemma2

Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches in Dynamics of Two Different Prey-Predator Systems
Sujatha K1, Gunasekaran M2

Web Browser Based Statistical Software – The Next Generation of Statistical Computing
Ratul Chakraborty

Green Concrete using Agro Industrial Waste(Sugarcane Bagasse ASH)
M. S. Chennakesava Rao1, N. V. N. Prabath2

Spectrum of Cyber Threats and Attack Trends in Indian Scenario
Narinder Singh Rana1, S. N. Panda2

Automatic Breast Boundary Segmentation of Mammograms
R. R. Nanayakkara1, Y. P. R. D. Yapa2, P. B. Hevawithana3, P. Wijekoon4

An Approach of Combining Iris and Fingerprint Biometric At Image Level in Multimodal Biometrics System
S. M. Rajbhoj1, P. B. Mane2

Performance Exploration of QoS parameters in MANET
D.V. Biradar1, Praful P. Maktedar2

Development of a Soft Tool for Estimating Direct Runoff From Watersheds
Salem S. M. Khalifa1, Kamarudin Saadan2, Norita Md Norwawi3

Development of Framework for Wireless Intelligent Landmines Tracking System Based on Fuzzy Logic
Salem S. M. Khalifa1, Kamarudin Saadan2, Norita Md Norwawi3

Automatic Generation Control of Multi-Area Power Systems with Parallel EHVAC/ HVDC Inter-Ties
Ram Naresh Mishra1, Prabhat Kumar2

Regulating Building Contractors in Kenya and Challenges of Enforcing the National Construction Authority Mandate
Esther Njoki Gacheru1, Stephen Onyango Diang’a2

Calculated and Measured Dark Conductivity in P-Type Polycrystalline CdTe Thin Films
H. Mohssine1, H. Bouhouch2, F. Debbagh3

A Survey on Text Recognition from Natural Scene Images and Videos
Usha Yadav1, Nilmani Verma2

Association Rules Optimization using Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm with Mutation
Mayank Agrawal1, Manuj Mishra2, Shiv Pratap Singh Kushwah3